The Tualatin Chamber Ambassadors

Anneleah Jaxen
Tualatin Chamber of Commerce CEO Anneleah Jaxen. Mike Antonelli/Tualatin Life
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From the day I arrived at The Tualatin Chamber of Commerce the most obvious fact to me was that this team of volunteers called “The Ambassadors,” were the glue that had held the Chamber of Commerce together through the “COVID Quarantine” and many other transitions since 2020. They were the life force that kept it from complete annihilation. 

The Ambassadors are volunteers who are also business members at the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce. They meet once a month to discuss plans for encouraging the Chamber members to come and network together and build relationships. They do their best to connect members with other members who could give each other referrals. They go on “Chamber Walks” to stop by and check in on different business members they haven’t seen in a while. In general, they spread goodwill and do their best to support and encourage Tualatin businesses in whatever way they discover is needed.

In July they came out in force to volunteer at the Golf Tournament. They keep people laughing and talking. They watch over the group and step in when there is a problem. More than once, two of our Ambassadors have stepped in between a man they saw was stepping out of line and a woman who was the target…one of those times that woman was me. 

These volunteers get up before dawn to make sure they arrive at the networking venue with special signs to make it easy for members to know they are in the right place. They perform duties through the morning like handling the raffles and being the Master of Ceremonies so the meeting flows and has life. There is more to what they contribute than anyone knows…they even graciously dressed up in costumes as pirates just before Halloween to please the owner of Bella Tu who was having her ribbon-cutting ceremony that week. This is my dream team and I am grateful to have them.

Matt Tabor, of Westpac Wealth Partners, is the Chair of the Ambassador committee. He has done a wonderful job and has even taken time out to mentor a younger leader who is starting a different committee at Chamber. It was Matt Tabor that helped Tualatin Chamber do a professional survey to learn about the relevant needs of our businesses. 

Dave Wellman, of ADT Commercial, has been Vice Chair of the Ambassadors and is constantly spreading good, positive energy about Tualatin wherever he goes. Dave will be leaving us this week as he is being transferred to Colorado. He will be sorely missed. As you can see by his smile he is a warm and delightful person. 

Christine Lam, of Financial Investment Team, is the Secretary of the Ambassador Committee and is a polished professional dedicated to helping women with financial success. Her leadership has been invaluable. 

Terry Beardsley, of Life Vantage, has been a constant source of positive energy and help. Whatever anyone needs help with Teri is there offering her time and energy. 

Bill Cohen, of Cohen Caregiving, is a compassionate and intelligent volunteer – always stepping up to be present and participate in whatever we determine the businesses need to be successful. 

Laura Freer, of Tualatin Together, is volunteering in multiple roles; board member, Ambassador, #Workready. She steps up and makes sure that her contribution counts. 

Rod Friesen, of Cherry Creek Mortgage, is our newest Ambassador and became one because he was so kind and warm at the networking meetings that the Ambassadors convinced him to become one of them. His smile is bright and perpetual. 

Daniel Lacy, of “Dr. Car Cast” (the Podcast that will inform and educate you about everything cars), is incredibly dependable – he is on time and ready, he coordinates the ribbon-cutting ceremonies and picks up the signs to set out. Daniel was the MC that controlled the questions and answers at the Key Leaders breakfast and then became one of the most important contributors on the website that was just launched. His research and content are impeccable. 

Jane Larsen, of Jane, Ink, is the most talented graphic artist I have ever worked with. She is responsible for the beautiful marketing designs that come out of the Chamber (the Ambassador Ad in this paper is just one example). 

Christine McGinley and Terry Wager, of Generator Consulting, are a team that is refreshing and talented. They show up to help the energy at networking stay fresh and alive. They are master teachers of best practices in business and will be helping to start a series of classes to help businesses prosper in 2023. 

This is your Volunteer Team Tualatin: The Tualatin Chamber Ambassadors who have your back. They have steadfastly supported and strengthened businesses by unselfishly showing up and contributing their best for our good. They saved your Chamber of Commerce. I am deeply grateful to this team and I sincerely hope you come to a networking event and experience their warmth, kindness, and support. They are giving their all for Tualatin Chamber’s Business success.

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