Selling a Home in the Winter

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Winter may not be the most popular time to sell a home, but this doesn’t mean you necessarily need to wait, especially if you have a need to sell during the winter months.

Over the years, many of my clients have asked me what the best tips are for selling a home in the winter.

With a good strategy and some prep work, you can make your home stand out to potential buyers. Winter is the time to take advantage of less competition and buyers who are motivated to purchase.

These tips will help you have a SOLD sign in your yard…

Keep your home warm – while you may have a desire to minimize your utility bills, it’s important to remember you are selling an experience. Buyers need to feel comfort and warmth when they are viewing your home. A cold home can provide a negative experience and buyers tend to rush out because they are cold.

Keep the exterior clean – buyers oftentimes make decisions based on first impressions. During the winter months dirt accumulates quicker. Make sure to keep the exterior looking as good as possible, especially the front yard and entry. Double check the windows as well.

Showcase the fireplace – if your home has a fireplace, show this off to buyers. If you have a gas fireplace, you can add some ambience by having it on when the buyers arrive. If you have a wood fireplace, you can set it up for a fire to show the potential. Do not add too much clutter around the fireplace, keep it the focal point.

Show your home during the daytime whenever possible – there is only so much daylight during the winter months, do the best you can to keep showings during these hours. This allows your home to show lighter and also allows a buyer to see the inside and outside. If you are going to have an evening showing, have the outside as well-lit as possible.

Emphasize comfort – welcome buyers with warmth and comfort. Little things like a fluffy blanket on the couch, subtle music in the background and warm lighting can embrace the season. Putting in a little bit of effort to make your home feel comfortable can go a long way towards selling your home.

Price it right – Pricing a home correctly is the most important tip for selling a home in the winter. Even though competition may be less, this does not mean you should overprice. There are real risks that come with pricing too high, including having your home on the market for far too long to attract a good offer. The last thing you want to do is have your days on the market inflated heading into springtime.

Working with a Real Estate Agent as your trusted advisor can help you best determine the ways you can showcase your home for a winter sale.