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Sunday, April 11, 2021
Tualatin Soldier

Tualatin Soldier

Positive thinking and enthusiasm have played a big role in molding recent Tualatin resident Joel Dulashanti’ s life. Critically wounded in an ambush in...

Showing, Rather than Telling the Story of Stormwater

There is no such thing as the “too long; didn’t read” version of Tualatin’s new Stormwater Master Plan. It’s far too complicated...

Several Traffic Projects Slated to Begin in Summer

Even as the coronavirus pandemic has put so many things on hold, traffic improvement and neighborhood safety projects are continuing throughout Tualatin. “There’s a ton...
Female arrives, aiming for box opening. Photo by Rick Sorensen.

Expecting a great turnout of bluebirds and call for volunteers

The Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to the recovery, restoration, and enhancement of the Western Bluebird. Since...
Officer of the year

Officer of the Year

The Officer of the Year award is intended to recognize one sworn Member from the Department for their outstanding service to the community and/or...

Self-Care in 2020

Change is inevitable, but 2020 seems like it’s getting more than its share. With everything going on, it’s not an exaggeration to...
Veterans Corner

Veteran’s Corner

Prevention During Cold and Flu Season

BY BIJANA KADAKIA, ND, TRUE HEALTH MEDICINE PC At our clinic, cold and flu season doesn’t coincide with the change in the weather as...

City of Tualatin’s 10th Annual West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta

Picture perfect day for Pumpkin Regatta at the Commons.   Read full article "CLICK HERE"

Tualatin Moving Forward Shares Progress on Road Projects

A flurry of projects is underway across Tualatin that are aimed at improving traffic flow in the city and increasing pedestrian safety near schools...
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Peter and Adul

We were discussing it all at the coffee bar just yesterday morning. Running a plant nursery, we agreed, was interesting for many reasons but...

National WWII Memorial

On my last visit to our nation’s capital, in Spring, 2004, I was fortunate to visit the newly completed national World War 11 Memorial....

The Nation’s Oldest Crawfish Festival is Here!

Yes, the nation's oldest Crawfish Festival is right here in Tualatin! This coming Friday August 12th through Saturday Aug 13th there will be lots of...

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