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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
New City of Tualatin Parks & Recreation Director Ross Hoover stands on the porch of his office building in Tualatin Community Park with the skate park and ball fields in the background. Photo: Barbara Sherman

Tualatin Park and Rec asks for your input

By  Barbara Sherman, Tigard Life Tualatin residents have a unique opportunity through the end of August to tell city officials what changes they would like...
Jessie Thorne update

Jessi Thorn Update

Dear Tualatin Life Readers, I am pleased to say that surgery is scheduled, for April 15th! We were unable to wait for the endoscopic procedure...
Pumpkin Regatta 2015

Regatta Doubles in Size

The Pumpkin Regatta has always been popular, with a sort of cult following, but this year it just exploded. We estimated the crowd to...

Tualatin Votes 2018

Tualatin in the 1960’s

Between 1960 and 1970 Tualatin’s population rose from 359 to 922. The Hervin Company’s trucks were proclaiming “Tualatin—Going to the Dogs”, and the freeway...

The Street Where You Live

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, of course, but I was recently reminded that many residents of Tualatin have no idea of the...

Tualatin’s Dilemma: The seneca Street Extenison…. Is it worth it?

There is no hotter topic in Tualatin politics right now than the Seneca Street Extension. The old K-Mart has been demolished and the construction will soon begin of...

Reddaway Celebrating 95 Years of Service Excellence

Founded in 1919, Reddaway is the oldest continuously operating motor carrier in Oregon. Reddaway, founded in Oregon City, OR has provided western regional coverage since 1919.  Reddaway...
Sweatshirt drive

Integrity Staffing ‘Sweatshirt Drive 2016’ a HUGE success!

BY JONATHAN CRANE Integrity Staffing’s 1st annual Sweatshirt Drive was a major success and through their efforts collected more than 400 sweatshirts from local...

Rotarian Embodies “Service Above Self”

Tualatin Rotary Club presented their “Service Above Self” award to Jessica Cousineau -- a lawyer, mother of...
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Come Join the Tualatin VFW Men’s Auxiliary

Come Join A Great Group of Men Whose Sole Purpose is to Help Our Veterans   Submitted by: Terry Pennington  The Tualatin VFW Men’s Auxiliary exists...

Garden Tomatoes

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What’s Love Got to Do With it?

They were a cute couple by every measure. Adam, tall and wire-ly slender with a neat, close-cropped haircut, was like a young clematis vine deeply...

Starry Nights and Holiday Lights

Kick-off the holidays at the City of Tualatin’s annual celebration featuring a special night filled with thousands of twinkling lights, hundreds of song-filled voices,...

Donate Life

I’m Alive Because Someone Donated - Have you talked to your family about organ donation? Submitted by: Mike Antonelli This year I have a lot to...

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