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Pumpkin Regatta in Tualatin, October 15, 2016

West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta

BY HEIDI MARX, EVENT SPECIALIST, CITY OF TUALATIN Fall is in the air so that must mean that it is almost time for the...

Aging in Place

BY SUSAN NOACK, CHAIR, TUALATIN AREA AGING TASK FORCE What is ‘Aging in Place’? What does it mean to our senior community in Tualatin? The...

The Right Dog For You

As a volunteer for a dog rescue, I am constantly introduced to new dogs. I pretty much like them all, although I seem to...

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gardening season is in full swing, and several churches in Tualatin now sponsor community gardens. Chad Darby’s Neighbors Nourishing Community grows produce for the needy at several business locations. The bounty...

Army Enlistment: an Out-of-this-World Experience for Tualatin High Senior

For anyone joining the military, taking the oath of enlistment is sure to be a memorable experience. That’s certainly true for Natalie Unis, a...
Kim Kroeger, Tualatin High School

Everyday Heroes – Kim Kroeger, TuHS Teacher Extraordinaire

By Jenny Lind Conlee Kim Kroeger is in her twenty-first year of teaching choir at Tualatin High School, and her impact on our community...
Corporal Barton

Tualatin Marine, Corporal Barton

In 1968, America believed that we would easily win the Vietnam war. However, early that year, the Vietnamese announced a seven-day cease-fire for the...
Free Gardening

Free Gardening

Last year the local non-profit, Neighbors Nourishing Communities (NNC), organized home gardeners and grew over 2,000 pounds of produce for struggling families in our...

Plants as (Political) Weapons

Leni knew what she wanted the moment she stepped into the nursery, and from the quick steps towards me, I surmised she...
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Through the Seasons, and the Ages

Every month when Jonathan emails me that it is time once again to come up with a story about our little town’s past, I cringe. “Not already,”...

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