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Although largest Navy base in the world during WWII, Ulithi Atoll in South Pacific...

As the Second World War military battle in the Pacific moved westward, the United States needed a forward base to wage both Navy and Air operations. Ulithi,...

Clackamas County Seeks New Transit Links with Tualatin

Getting between towns in Washington and Clackamas counties can be a big challenge if you don’t own a vehicle. 

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Old timers used to advise to never cut your hay till after July 4th or it will surely get rained on and ruined. But the lush early...
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April Blog

Mayor’s Corner: January 2021

At the Jan. 25 City Council meeting the city council will receive the report on our Community Discussions on Police Use of...

Tualatin Farmers Market

Tualatin Farmers Market – by Valerie MacQuarrie I stopped by our  local Tualatin Farmers Market on their opening day this past Friday.. and I have...

Tualatin: On the Trail of Ice Age Floods

More than 10,000 years ago, massive floods repeatedly carved many of the distinguishing features of the Northwest’s unique landscape. Now, the City of Tualatin...

City of Tualatin Parks & Recreation wants to hear from YOU

Take the City of Tualatin Parks & Recreation Communication Survey After a long planning process involving significant public engagement, the City Council of Tualatin recently...

Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers’ Terminator Weigh-Off

Starting at 7pm watch as the biggest of the big pumpkins and other vegetables compete to win cash prizes! Do you have a giant...

Longtime Tualatin Resident Writes New Book

In April of 1986 longtime Tualatin resident Jeanette Chaffee was on a the last leg of her 15 hour flight from Salem to Athens, just a short...
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I’ve challenged this community many times, and in each instance it rises to the occasion. Last month when I shared Jessi Thorne’s story about...

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Aging in Place: July 2021

Have you ever walked from one room to another in your home and forgotten why you entered the room? Have you ever...

Smallpools Gains National Attention

Smallpools is an Indie/Pop band that formed in 2013. Their debut single, “Dreaming” skyrocketed up the charts, reaching #1 earlier this year, followed by the...

I Got Spurs that Jingle, Jangle Jingle, As I Go Ridin’...

After the Great Depression and the Second World War were over my dad decided we needed to build a new barn on our farm along Jurgens Road....

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