Opinion: Willowbrook Arts Camp Future in Tualatin

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Willowbrook is going strong, but its future in Tualatin is not certain appeared in last month’s issue of Tualatin Life. You can read it online at tinyurl.com/e975ns5n.

From Kathy Sander

I just read your piece on Willowbrook and am so upset that I haven’t even finished it yet. 

My response to all who complained about their precious lives being interrupted is boohoo! Willowbrook has been a summer staple for as long as I can remember, and I have lived in Tualatin since 1982. My three children have all spent time in this camp during the summer and have experienced activities and made friends that they would probably not have had without Willowbrook. If we capitulate to the demands of those who are inconvenienced by these few short months, what’s next? Close schools because these cause the same inconveniences? 

Perhaps these folks might consider changing their own schedules to avoid the heavier traffic times. For those who can’t use the park due to parking issues, Tualatin offers many more parks with ample parking. 

Let the kids be kids! Stop trying to make them fit into our hectic schedules and just let them unplug and have new experiences!

Kathy Sander
Tualatin Resident

From Sue Goodfellow

I was happy to see that I am not the only one who agrees with the downside of Willowbrook. 

I have been walking daily in Browns Ferry Park for about eight years and live nearby. Every year, I worry about the fire danger. The camp transforms this peaceful wildlife sanctuary into nonstop noise every day. The area they use could be used by the public in the summer. I wondered why they didn’t use the school grounds, which seems better equipped to handle the parking and the children. I still think this could be revisited. I believe it is a great option for the kids in the summer, and they seem to enjoy it. But the walkers, boaters, dog owners and others are missing out on the use of this park in the summer. I’m sure the wildlife is thrown out of balance also with the influx of so many humans in this area they call home during the rest of the year. 

Again, I am happy to see that I am not the only one who thinks there has to be a better location for this camp. 

Thank you,
Sue Goodfellow,
Tualatin Resident