The “Artist” Rachel Konty

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A photographer from Greek φωτός (photos), meaning “light”, and γράφω (graphos), meaning “written.” Rachel Konty is this and more. The more, in my eyes, an artist, and truly human. You may know this artist or you may not yet, but I know for certain, this is someone you will want to know in your lifetime. Born in 1981 in Arizona the story started. Being creative as a child, always designing things, being finicky about the most meticulous details of theworld around her to how her clothing coordinated. She always saw things in pictures, settings, moments to stand still so that it could be captured. And, it is her love for literature (Sherlock Holmes and Greek Mythology being her favorite) that has developed this photographer into the artist she is today. I would also note the support, investment and love of her father and mother. They are some of her biggest fans. Five things my wife will be holding at some point in the day are: a cup of tea, a book, Lily(our pup), Prince(our other pup) and a camera.

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