Tualatin Soccer Finishes 2019 Season in Playoffs

Tualatin Soccer, OSAA, OSAA Playoffs, Tualatin High School
Darci Chamblerlin (#3) chases for the possession nearing the sidelines. Photo by Henry Kaus.
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With winter sports starting in December, both Tualatin boys and girls soccer finished their seasons participating in the playoffs.

The girls began the playoffs at home against rank 27 South Medford, and Tualatin scoring 1 – 0. The first half had finished tied with no scores. But with only 15 minutes left in the game, Taylor Morgan (#16) scored a goal after receiving a conveniently deflected shot and drove it in taking the game as their own.

For their second playoff match, they were butted up against Lakeridge, which was the second match against the Lakers that season. In the penultimate game of the regular season, Tualatin took them by storm going 3 – 0. Lakeridge wouldn’t make the rematch as decisive.

Tualatin Soccer, OSAA, OSAA Playoffs, Tualatin High School
Abby Borg (#2). Photo by Henry Kaus.

Tualatin managed the lead from the start after Brook Burke (#17) received a corner kick and scored in the first half. Throughout the second half, Tualatin’s goalie, Sarah Hall (#1), had an impressive save as a Lakeridge opponent had the field to herself, but Hall was able to jump wide and deflect, keeping Tualatin with their lead.

However, Lakeridge did end up managing a point of their own in the second half. Responding to this challenge, after the ball was launched straight up, nearing heights similar to the stadium lights, and allowing one bounce, Morgan hurled it in. This gave Tualatin the lead for the rest of the game and furthered them in the playoffs.

For the Tualatin girls’ final game of the season, they traveled to South Eugene High School in the quarterfinals. They were up against 2nd in state and they would make their final stand with a concluding score of 1 – 3.

Tualatin was down by 0 – 2 at the half but was able to cut their deficit from two down to one down when Cally Togiai (#5) scored a short header. However, from a pass, South Eugene was able to take the final point giving them the win and advancing them to the semifinals.

With the season at its end, it also means that the seniors: Hall, Abby Borg (#2), Darci Chamberlin (#3), Aden Lynch (#4), Hannah Olson (#9) and Morgan, finished their last game.

Simply because the team hadn’t made it to finals, doesn’t mean that the season was for nothing. The team ended up placing first in the Three Rivers League, achieved a total season record of 14-2-1 and ranked 7th amongst the other Oregon 6A teams.

The Tualatin boys also made their way to the playoffs this year. In fact, in their first playoff match, they went up against McKay High School, ranked 18 by OSAA, and came out on top going 2 – 0. This was their first playoff victory since 2012.

Halfway through the first half, the only freshman on the varsity team, Remus Repcak (#13), sent the ball to Jose Hyre (#30), who shot the ball above the goalie and gave the Timberwolves their starting point at 1 – 0.

15 minutes into the second half, Repcak landed his feet on the ball once again and was able to slip past the goalie’s clutches, leading Tualatin to their 2 – 0 victory in round 1.

The second round of playoffs had played out against the wolves with Tualatin getting 0 – 2 against #2 Reynolds High School from Troutdale, but the boys still had a fair few accomplishments.

Tualatin placed second in the Three Rivers League behind Tigard, ranked #15 in the state, had a season record of 12-4 overall and was finally able to get a win of their own in the playoffs.