About that JUNK in Your Trunk

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Here we go again! The holidays are upon us and some doctor wants to pre-guilt all the gastronomical recreation you are about to indulge in. No guilt – just some reminders to everyone who wants to enjoy the holidays, and 2020, and to live a long and healthy life.  Good and great food can be the source of some of the most pleasurable moments of our physical life. But where is it written that food pleasure is based on overeating?  Savor every bite, and stop eating when satisfied, but not yet “stuffed.” A lifelong rule to especially remember as everyone brings their special dishes to the many parties and dinners of the season.

Body fat is one of the most dysregulated endocrine tissues of our time. Yes, excess body fat makes us wear larger clothes sizes, puts strain on our hips, knees and ankles. But there is more. Increased body fat of the “visceral” variety is both a cause and result of dysregulation of the immune system, sex hormones, and hormonal appetite control.

This “junk in the trunk” fat makes us lose energy, motivation and worsens whatever inflammatory processes are already going on within our bodies. Chronic pain, low testosterone, insulin resistance, and insatiable hunger are frequent findings and symptoms when the junk in the trunk is out of control.

Fat cell endocrine dysfunctions have significant interaction with our dietary choices and the microorganism balance that results within our gastrointestinal (GI) tracts.

GI microorganisms, known collectively as the microbiome, also as gastrointestinal ecology, are composed of microorganisms collected throughout life, starting from mother at birth. Broad-spectrum antibiotics, other medications, sweetened, highly processed and ready to eat foods, and foods sprayed with farm chemicals all have negative effects on the healthy balance of our GI microorganisms.

Restoring a healthy microbiome to reduce excess hunger and systemic inflammation requires specific antimicrobial treatment plans. The food you eat needs to change to high quality non-GMO and organic foods, with as little farm chemical residue as possible. High quality, high fiber foods specifically promote the growth of desirable microbes. So eat those vegetables and other whole plant foods!

Savor every bite of your holiday meals and the friends and family that join you to make this time of year wonderful!

When you are ready, we are here to help you rebalance your microbiome, increase your energy and motivation, reduce your aches and pains, get control over your blood sugars, and lose the JUNK!

Together lets set you on a course to enjoy your best health in 2020 and for the years to come!

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