The Right Dog For You

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As a volunteer for a dog rescue, I am constantly introduced to new dogs. I pretty much like them all, although I seem to have a special affinity for the underdog – the shy ones who will come out of their shells with some attention and some string cheese. I am certainly not in the market for a dog, as I already have the delightful Doodles, and Ed has mentioned that if I bring home another
pooch, one of us will need to find a new home.

Dog Talk 2

However, I occasionally fall in love with one of the rescue dogs and find myself wondering if it is a dog that I could actually adopt. Although I am many years from having another dog, it hasn’t stopped me from pondering what kind of pup I would add to the family when the time comes. At the rescue, I meet every description of dog possible. From the youthful to the more mature, from the lean to the plump, the reserved to the social, the teeny-tiny to the rather large, I am exposed to quite a variety of dogs. Add some of the unusual breed combinations, and the possibilities are endless.

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