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Stories From Our Latest Publication:

Freedom Tower: A Look Back In Time

freedom tower

It was September 11, 2001, fifteen years ago, when a tragedy of unimaginable destruction struck our country. Terrorist hit the World Trade Center North and South Towers and destroyed the buildings but more dire was the loss of American lives. This event set our country and specifically the City of New York on a path […]

Clark Family Determined to Rebuild After Hardware Store Destroyed by Fire

clark fire

At 2:30 am on Sunday, July 31, Clark Lumber and True Value Hardware went up in flames. Though firefighters responded only minutes after the call, the contents of the store fueled the blaze and it burned on. Upon arrival, it was all they could do to contain the fire. Full article

The Legend Lives On…

the legend lives on

In an ironic twist of fate the devastating fire that just consumed Clark Lumber Company surprisingly left one Tualatin landmark standing along Boone Ferry Road. In 1944 Herman and Mary Silvey purchased the lot and built a lumber company where a blacksmith shop used to stand. When sons Vincent and Don returned from the service […]

Community Warehouse Repairs Water Damage to Estate Store after Clark Lumber Fire

community warehouse

When we learned on the evening of July 31 that longtime business and valued neighbor Clark Lumber/True Value Hardware had lost their building to a fire, we were shocked and deeply saddened. As next-door neighbors, we made regular trips to Clark’s and our staff members and volunteers got to know the owners and employees well. […]

Honoring a Gold Star Family

Dale and Claudia Lembke

It’s been seven years since Dale and Claudia Lembke became a Gold Star Family after losing their son, Marine Corporal Matthew Lembke, from wounds suffered while on patrol in Afghanistan. I thought it important to introduce Tualatin to its own Gold Star Family so they could understand that when a son or daughter makes the […]

Cindy’s Memory Lives On at Tualatin Horse Farm

Cindy's Memory

In some ways, the superficial ways, it’s like so many other horse stables and arenas that dot our region. But where it counts, in its heart, and soul, and spirit, it is unique in ways of which someone unfamiliar with the story would be completely unaware. Full article

Candice Russell: Tualatin Rockstar

Candice Russell

Candice Russell is not just the girl next door. At the age of 24, this life-long resident of Tualatin is pursuing her dreams of becoming a recording artist. Her angelic voice combined with her melodic hooks will have you rolling down your windows in your car, turning up the volume and drinking in the summer […]

Tualatin Man Was Involved in the First Major Vietnam Military Offensive as a Naval Officer

Jerry Larsen

BY DALE POTTS Jerry Larsen, a Tualatin resident and Naval Academy graduate, had a significant role in the first US major military offensive action during the Vietnam War. Called Operation Starlite by U.S forces, it was known in Vietnam as Battle of Van Tuong. He shared this experience as a speaker at last year’s Tualatin […]

The Five Love Languages

the five love languages

We all love our children, but in the “busy-ness” of daily life how do we make sure they FEEL loved? In his book, The 5 Love Languages of Children, Gary Chapman distinguishes five ways that most people (including children) prefer to be shown love. We might be able to identify our child’s preference early, or […]

Making Tualatin America’s Best Community

making tualatin americas best

The City of Tualatin is partnering with several community agencies to create a local pathway out of poverty through education and skills training. After being named one of eight national finalists, Tualatin’s America’s Best Community team has spent the summer working on phase 1 of a Community Revitalization Plan: developing a mobile maker space. Full […]

The Garden From the Outside Looking In

the garden from the outside

I’ve noticed more than once unfortunately, that since I’ve entered the modern era (after say, 2013) I’ve developed an insane habit of looking at my smartphone during any spare, empty moment. Full article

Crawfish Festival


Our city experienced another successful Crawfish Festival from August 5-7, enjoy viewing all of the photos.

Healthy Hormones – Estrogen & Women


BY DR. WENDY ROGERS, TRUE HEALTH MEDICINE PC We all have an incredible orchestra of hormones literally playing the soundtrack of our lives, allowing us to have a bounce in our step and move through life in a healthy, vital manner. That orchestra is complex and interdependent- when one hormone is off, the others can […]

Aging in Place


An essential part of the mission of the Tualatin Aging Task Force is to bring relevant information to our senior community, which in turn relates to everyone living in Tualatin. Following is an exciting new series to be launched at the Juanita Pohl Center this fall. Full article

National Night Out

NNO 2016

August 2nd was our annual National Night Out in Tualatin where neighborhoods held block parties and were visited by our local police and fire fighters.


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