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Stories from our August 20th publication



Why I’m Running for Mayor of Tualatin

Jan Giunta 2

With optimism for our wonderful community, I announce my candidacy for Tualatin Mayor. Our current mayor is running for his 6th term-unprecedented in our town. Mayor Ogden has run unopposed for the last 16 years, but this year there will be a healthy discussion of our City’s major issues and policy directions. We are overdue for fresh ideas and new energy to re-invigorate our [...]

Local on the Street… If you could be Tualatin’s Mayor for a day, what’s the first change you’d make?

Local on the street

If you could be Tualatin’s Mayor for a day, what’s the first change you’d make?

Tualatin Special Election September 16th Light Rail Measure 34-220

Trimet 2

You may have heard there’s an election in September. To be clear and avoid any voter confusion, Measure 34-220 is not a vote for or against Light Rail. The September 16th measure is a vote to Require a Public Vote on Light Rail.  

Minimizing Sibling Rivalry and Maximize the Relationship


In the last two issues of Tualatin Life, my articles have been dedicated to issues with siblings, which we can all relate to unfortunately. Why DO they fight and bicker? A variety of reasons, which include: They might be sick and not feeling well. They might be tired and have no patience. They might be feeling bored and it gives them something to do. They might need to express [...]

Loyce Martinazzi writes about Norwood and Tonquin Communities

TH 2

Aaron Olds established an ironworks on the Tualatin River in 1862, and Oswego’s Oregon Iron Company built the first iron smelter in 1864 and produced its first pig iron in 1867. Twenty years later a group of wealthy industrialists established the Oregon Iron and Steel Company in Oswego. Tualatin was definitely impacted, with the river full of logs going to be burned for the charcoal that fired the furnaces; the air blue with smoke from [...]

Updates on “Fame” and “Wake Island” columns More on TV star Don Adams and “98” Rock


I have learned additional interesting details regarding stories in two previous Veterans Corner columns. One is the military background of Don Adams from the TV Series “Get Smart” that ran in the column covering four months of “fame” for the Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown. The other involves the coral rock marking the spot where 98 U.S. contractors were executed on Wake Island during [...]

A Leap Of Spirit and a Dance in Your Head!

Library 2

Room Gallery at the Tualatin Public Library give us the artwork of Jullane Rich, an accomplished watercolorist with a soft spot for animals.


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