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CenterCal’s Impact on Local Businesses


Master Narayan has taught hundreds of kids and teens since he opened Taekwondo World in 1993. He is kind and patient. He is a true teacher. He has wisely counseled his students to “not waste your time, your mind on the video games. Get outside. Exercise your body. Be active.” Also, “listen to your  parents, they love you and [...]

Help! My Children are Fighting! (AGAIN!)


While we look forward to the days of summer, we usually forget how much togetherness it actually brings. Seeing our children play together is obviously wonderful, but that real time togetherness also lends itself to more sibling arguing, bickering, and fighting. It can be absolutely draining. I don’t like it any more than you, however I’ve learned to see the conflict in a new light.  

A Special Volunteer Opportunity awaits You at Coffee Creek

Coffee Creek 2

One of the most unexpected and satisfying things that happened after my book BITSY’S LABYRINTH was published was that I was contacted by Kay Kinneavy at the Labyrinth Network Northwest. Kay had read and enjoyed my book, and was now calling to make a request.  She said their organization had a ministry that brought in a labyrinth walk to the women inmates [...]

Reddaway Celebrating 95 Years of Service Excellence


Founded in 1919, Reddaway is the oldest continuously operating motor carrier in Oregon. Reddaway, founded in Oregon City, OR has provided western regional coverage since 1919.  Reddaway began as a premier service provider in the Pacific Northwest that has today grown to encompass all of the western United States.  

Old Man River, he just keeps rollin’ along….


Actually, the Tualatin River doesn’t roll along; it creeps along. From it’s headwaters in the foothills of the Coast Range to where it trickles into the Willamette River, there is very little drop, making for a sluggish, lazy flow. Some say the native Atfalatis named the river, which means slow and sluggish.


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