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The Garden From the Outside Looking In

The garden from the outside looking in

I’ve just had a rare chance to visit the Netherlands recently. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there. When you travel, they say, you never return home quite the same way. I’m not sure if that’s because the entire experience of immersion into another culture may change our perspective ever so subtly or whether it’s […]

Tualatin Welcomes New Police Chief

Bill Steele

Towards the end of last month, the City of Tualatin announced that Bill Steele had been selected to serve as Tualatin’s new Chief of Police, following the retirement of Kent Barker. Chief Bill Steele’s first day with the city was July 5th. Chief Steele comes to the City of Tualatin with 20 years of law […]

Four Sunde Brothers served in three wars

Gordon Sunde

Yvonne Addington introduced me to a member of one of Tualatin’s early families at the conclusion of our Memorial Day event, Gordon Sunde. Gordon, at 85, is the youngest and only surviving member of four brothers. Very spry for his age, he has an infectious smile that makes you feel happy when you talk to […]

Aging in Place

aging in place

On June 29th, four members of the Tualatin Area Aging Task Force attended the “Livability for All Age-Friendly Washington County Roundtable” presented by AARP of Washington County. Following the guide lines set by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Age-Friendly Cities and Communities, a project was created by WHO to help cities prepare for the […]

Pokemon GO Comes to Tualatin!

Pokemon GO comes to Tualatin

Pokémon GO! is a new free mobile game from Niantic that overlays a world of Pokémon over your real-life location. The Pokémon franchise turns 20 years old this year (the first games came out in 1996 for Game Boy), and has migrated from its video game roots to a wildly successful anime, many movies, a […]

Tualatin ABC Team Advances Project Goals

Tualatin ABC

Tualatin, Oregon is thrilled to be one of the top eight teams to advance to the ABC Finals! We’ve had much press coverage, and even more community pride knowing that we can advance our innovative Mobile MakerSpace (MMS) project on a much faster timeline with the $100,000 prize. Full Article

21st Annual ArtSplash


ArtSplash Art Show and Sale has been one of the most anticipated summer events in Tualatin for the past twenty years! From July 22 through 24 ArtSplash will be set up next to the sparkling lake of the Tualatin Commons to create the perfect setting for this juried art show. ArtSplash features Northwest artists showcasing […]

Tualatin Families Discover Enriching Experiences

Tualatin Families discover enriching experiences

Some wonderful relationships have been made in Tualatin through the opportunity to host international exchange students. Tualatin families and students alike are nervous, excited and overwhelmed with emotion as they prepare for this new adventure. Soon, they are united and the students’ fears of living in a strange land start to dissipate as they see […]

Strawberry Fields Forever, continued

Grandpa Slawik on his tractor

Last month’s story on strawberries in the Tualatin Valley evoked a plethora of memories from many folks. Besides my story, the Capital Press, Oregon’s agricultural newspaper, as well as Willamette Week recently ran similar stories on the fabled fruit. Full Article

Jack Broome & Althea Pratt

Jack Broome & Althea Pratt

Behind the big hedge next to the WES station you can barely see Tualatin’s only building on the National Register of Historic Places, the 1858 Sweek House. John and Maria Sweek and descendants made a permanent mark on early city history. But it is two residents in this remarkable house who this year can celebrate […]

From Tualatin to Ethiopia

From Tualatin to Ethiopia

Jennifer Bridges, a powerful and savvy business woman, boarded an airplane to Ethiopia in 2010, accompanying a friend who was adopting a child. She thought she was just going to be lending her support to this special family in her life; their lives were undoubtedly going to change dramatically. But what she didn’t know is […]

National Night Out – August 2nd, 2016

National Night Out, 2016 in Tualatin

National Night Out is a program the Tualatin Police Department has supported and participated in for several years. Annually, the first Tuesday in August, people nation-wide are encouraged to turn on their porch lights and go out and meet their neighbors. Full Article

Teach Your Child How to be an Upstander

teach your child to be an upstander

At some point or another, chances are pretty good that your child will be part of a bullying incident. Traditionally, there are three roles in a bullying incident: Full Article

Sophie Strong

Sophie Flicker

We last wrote to the Tualatin Life back in 2012. We were organizing the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex fundraising walk for families in Oregon living with TSC as well as funding research into cures for other diseases like epilepsy, autism and cancer. In 2008, our little Sophie was diagnosed with TSC at four months old. In […]


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