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Stories from our September 24th publication



Longtime Tualatin Resident Writes New Book


In April of 1986 longtime Tualatin resident Jeanette Chaffee was on a the last leg of her 15 hour flight from Salem to Athens, just a short flight from Rome to Athens, when 40 minutes before landing a bomb hidden underneath seat 10-F was detonated on the aircraft over Argos, Greece. Jeanette was sitting just fourteen feet away from the explosion that blew [...]

Light Rail Measure 34-220 Rides to an Easy Victory. Petitioners Win!


By 75% Tualatin residents recognized the fairness in requiring a public vote before Light Rail is brought to our beautiful city.  As was detailed here in Tualatin Life last month tualatinlife.com/full-article/tualatinspecial- election-september-16th-lightrail- measure-34-20/0 this effort was about letting the voters decide what transit is a good fit for Tualatin.

Nyberg Rivers Unveils 9-Foot Mastodon Sculpture


Yvonne Addington addresses crowd at the unveiling of the bronze Mastodon sculpture and water feature at Nyberg Rivers.

Helping You Navigate Your Journey Through Parenting Moving Beyond “Good Job, Good Work!”: Praise vs. Encouragement


In this era of “every kid gets a trophy, star, r certificate”, how do praise and rewards impact children’s motivation and self esteem, and what is the end result? Let’s start with the definitions of both praise and encouragement, because there are very subtle differences. Praise: 1. to express favorable judgment of; 2. to glorify; 3. an expression of approval. Encouragement: 1. to inspire with courage; 2. to spur [...]

Local Artist Brings Regatta Poster to Life


I have always loved The West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta. One of my favorite things about it is the amazing poster designed and painted each year by local artist Brenna White. This is her fifth year bringing a little more magic to this already great event. “I love working on the Regatta poster because I love the fall and the theme [...]

1950: Number 7 on the F.B.I’s Most Wanted List


In March 1950 Clide Adams, Tualatin postmaster, identified Orba Elmer Jackson as the handyman who had previously worked for Mrs. Harding at the Sweek house. Adams had been looking through a pile of wanted posters when he spotted a face that looked familiar. He asked his clerk, Bonnie Ladd, if she thought it was the man they knew as Kenneth Van Kempen. Bonnie agreed. Adams then [...]

tualatin travels


This past summer the Wheatcroft family traveled to England to visit family and tour the sites. Being that Paul is British, the family tries to travel back every few years to share his homeland with their kids (Liam – 15 and Emma – 12) and reconnect with family. The first week of their travels was spent with [...]


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