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Sophie Strong

Sophie Flicker

We last wrote to the Tualatin Life back in 2012. We were organizing the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex fundraising walk for families in Oregon living with TSC as well as funding research into cures for other diseases like epilepsy, autism and cancer. In 2008, our little Sophie was diagnosed with TSC at four months old. In […]

Tualatin Mom Turned Author: Dreams Do Come True

Cathy LaGrow

In our very own back yard, is a woman with a passion for words. An avid reader, Tualatin resident Cathy LaGrow has more books than shelves. So, it was not surprising to those who know her that she, too, would be an excellent wordsmith. She wrote a story nearly 100 years in the making. Full […]

Over 100,000 Northwest residents watched our honored vet retire his horn from their living rooms

Memorial Day 2016

Over 100,000 Northwest residents watched Tualatin retire our senior bugler from his horn at Winona Cemetery on Memorial Day. Two Portland network TV stations, KATU-TV and KGW-TV, brought our Memorial Day Observance into 57,000 Northwest living rooms. We honored George Hager, a 92 year old WWII Navy submariner who closed our previous seven years commemorations […]

Pioneer Days come to the Heritage Center

pioneer days come to the heritage center

Over 285 fourth graders, plus their teachers and many chaperone parents, once again learned about pioneer life in Tualatin earlier this month. You may have noticed children pulling their covered wagons to and from Tualatin Elementary School or the two huge tents at the Heritage Center, provided by Willowbrook Summer Arts Camp. The event is […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

strawberry fields forever

Ah, summertime, when the livin’ is easy, and the berries are sensual: ripe, fragrant, luscious, and dripping with sweet purple and red juice. Willamette Valley’s rich alluvial soils and climate are especially suited to growing berries of all kinds. While wild strawberries were grown from ancient times, the garden variety, a cross of Fragaria virginiana […]

It’s Midnight? No, You Can’t Have My Cell Phone!

sleep deprivation

Modern America is filled with threats to a healthy social balance. Every day the news reports on surprising and unfortunate occurrences that diminish our wellness. Bullying. E-coli breakouts at our favorite fast food restaurants. The spread of previously unheard of infectious diseases like Zika. If that is not enough to ruin your day, the headlines […]

America’s Best Communities

Americas Best Communities

We Need YOU! Our individual community members, businesses, non-profits and community groups to help make our new Tualatin Mobile MakerSpace, and we only have months to do it! Our ABC (America’s Best Community) Team is excited to create and implement an innovative Mobile MakerSpace for students K-12 grades, but we won’t be able to do […]

Aging in Place

aging in place

GOOD NEWS! Ride Connection is now officially in Tualatin and ready to go. The administrator is Debbie Waalkes and the new office is located at the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce offices at 8101 SW Nyberg Street, Suite 1. Vans and drivers are in place and ready for your call. If you are a senior or […]

Are You Raising a Bully?

are you raising a bully

Inspired after reading a Huffington Post article recently, My Worst Nightmare – What If I Accidentally Raise the Bully?, I’ve pondered this question heavily. In a nutshell, the mother in the article comes to realize that she was actually raising a bully! After diving right in and taking her child to task, both parties come […]

What Does Organic Mean Anyways?


I couldn’t help feel a bit defensive because the way she put the question to me meant, in fact, I was lying. “I asked you when I bought my lettuce if these were organic.” She began nicely. “You told me yes, but I noticed there wasn’t any label telling me it was “Organic” and when […]

How Stress Causes Disease

how stress causes disease

In last month’s article, I wrote about how important stress management is in the management of anxiety. That link seems fairly obvious, but how we cope and manage stress is also essential in the prevention and management of physical diseases. Research is bearing out the link between stress and disease with a growing list of […]

Arts and Culture

arts and culture, june 2016


Books on Wheels

books on wheels

What happens when you live too far from a library? How do you read books during summer vacation? How do you practice all those reading skills you learned in school? How do you build a library within your home? While these questions could not be answered in the past, a solution has now been found […]

Everybody: Move Your Body!

Everybody: Move your body!

We’ve heard it our whole lives: exercise is highly beneficial for our bodies and minds. Consciously, most people know that they should be engaging in physical activities on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the reality is a high majority of Americans live sedentary lifestyles even though consistent exercise is one of the least expensive ways of […]


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