February 2017

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Tualatin Mobile Makerspace Makes Official Debut

The Tualatin Mobile Makerspace made its official debut on January 24 at the annual State of the City. The Mobile Makerspace trailer is a workshop-on wheels, enabling transport of equipment and supplies for activities at local elementary schools, the Tualatin Public Library, community events, and within neighborhoods. The Makerspace is part of the local America’s […]

Wheelchair Magic… Child’s James Bond spy car takes shape in Tualatin

BY REID IFORD, TUALATIN LIFE It is hard to imagine childhood spent confined to a wheelchair. Think of all the activities – big and small – children take for granted which would be denied. Even something as simple as running through the grass barefoot on a spring day would be beyond the realm of hope. […]

Aging in Place

BY SUSAN NOACK, CHAIR, TUALATIN AREA AGING TASK FORCE What is ‘Aging in Place’? What does it mean to our senior community in Tualatin? The Tualatin Aging Task Force perceives aging in place as seniors wanting to live in place which means staying in Tualatin. It means being able to downsize and afford to continue […]

From Running Banks to Runny Noses

By Jenny Lind Conlee When you meet Marlene Redwing, you start to believe that Fairy Godmother’s are a real thing. She has been a director of a preschool and daycare in Tualatin for ten years. She partners with parents to prepare children for moving into elementary school by providing an environment that is both loving […]

Growing a Protest in the Garden

BY JONN KARSSEBOOM By the time any one reads this I imagine it will have been old news. Perhaps even: long forgotten. But for the record, I was recently a protester in a protest march just after the presidential inauguration. It was actually deemed “The Women’s March” but from my suburban garden perspective “protest” seemed […]

Mayor’s Corner

By Lou Ogden On January 24th nearly 200 people gathered to celebrate our annual State of the City event. The state of our city is “On the Move”. We achieved much in 2016 to improve transportation and mobility and we are looking forward to continued progress this year. Following are some of the mobility highlights […]

How I overcame my students’ question: Where am I ever going to use this?

BY DYLAN McCANN, TWALITY MIDDLE SCHOOL I’ve been teaching grades 4-6 for 4 years and this is probably the most common question my students ask. They want to know why it is important to learn mathematics or science. Students who find these subjects difficult or irrelevant tend to give up easily and pay less attention […]

Helping You Navigate Your Journey Through Parenting, The Art of Avoiding Power Struggles

BY KIM DEMARCHI A power struggle is when a person holds one position and another person holds a different position and both are unwilling to change their positions. It is rarely about the issue at hand. It is about feeling powerless and wanting to feel more power within the situation. Most of us were parented […]

Tualatin Named U-Haul Growth City for 2016

If you needed any more proof Tualatin is a great place to live, it just arrived in the form of a report from U-Haul on destination cities for people using their moving trucks. Tualatin ranked No. 2 among the U-Haul Top 25 U.S. Growth Cities for locations with a population of 10,000 to 50,000. U-Haul […]

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get Involved with Tualatin Youth Softball!

BY SCOTT HUNSDON AND HOWARD HOYLE Registrations are flowing in, the Tualatin Softball Board is working hard to kick off the 2017 Season. Until sign-ups are complete, we don’t know the number of teams at each level, and can be a scramble to form them and run tryouts (for levels that do), have enough equipment, […]

Staying Happy on the Road to Success, Women In Networking 4th Annual Workshop

When work-life integration is the new norm, how are we supposed to achieve a healthy balance? Is it even possible anymore? The answer is yes and the 4th Annual Women in Networking Workshop has lined up two powerful speakers who will inspire you to find your own personal work-life formula that will keep you sane […]

America at War

BY LOYCE MARTINAZZI American citizens, including those of Japanese ancestry, pulled together as never before. The U.S Army built Camp Adair north of Corvallis, and Camp Abbott on the upper Deschutes River south of Bend as troop training facilities. There was a rush to “sign up”and join the armed forces. Our men were ready to […]


BY DR. JEFF CLARK, TRUE HEALTH MEDICINE PC In this age of political polarization, are there really people who are actually against people getting older – anti-aging? If you fell for that line, let me explain the concept of “anti-aging.” It is the idea that you can slow, stop, or even reverse the natural aging […]

Mayor Ogden Delivers State of the City Address

BY REID IFORD, TUALATIN LIFE “Tualatin is thriving,” an exuberant Mayor Lou Ogden told a packed house Tuesday, January 24, when he delivered his State of the City speech at Living Savior Church on Sagert Road. “We have a thriving economy. We have a thriving business community. “I’ve had the privilege and honor to serve […]

En Garde! Tualatin Rotary News

BY DIANE BONICA, TUALATIN ROTARY It was just another typical lunch at the Tualatin Rotary as épée swords flashed nearly inches away from the mashed potatoes. Cody Mattern, a six time national fencing champion spoke at a recent meeting. He has been involved with the sport ever since a childhood quest brought him to Northwest […]

Winter Driving

BY TUALATIN CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT ORGANIZATION (CIO) The last few weeks have reminded us that winter storms can bring freezing temperatures, mountains of snow and dangerous travel conditions, but they can also result in downed trees and power lines causing power outages. Before the power goes out in your winter hideaway, take a few minutes and […]

Retired Tualatin Businessman Ed Casey’s Family ran shipyard – Commercial Iron Works in Portland, Built 206 WWII Navy ships

BY DALE POTTS Retired Tualatin Businessman Ed Casey Jr’s family made a significant contribution to our countries’ emergency World War Two shipbuilding program, producing 206 ships in its Commercial Iron Works shipyard in Portland. Before America officially entered WWII, Axis forces were on the move. Germany was marching across Europe and into Africa. U-2 boats […]

Why Your Vitamin D Level Matters

Vitamin D

BY BIJANA KADAKIA, ND, TRUE HEALTH MEDICINE PC Since December 21, our days are getting longer. Though it may be imperceptible, the seasonal shift towards spring has started. We’ve still got several months of cold wintery weather remaining though, including shorter days and overcast skies. As Vitamin D production requires sunlight, these conditions can contribute […]

Tualatin ABC Project Team Update on Mobile Makerspace

tualatin mobile makerspace

After being named one of eight national finalists, the Tualatin ABC Team (Tualatin Chamber of Commerce, Mask & Mirror Community Theatre, Tigard Tualatin School District (TTSD), Tualatin Tomorrow and the City of Tualatin) has been busy over the last few months and making major progress implementing plans for the Tualatin Mobile Makerspace, and further developing […]

January Events

January events

Enjoy these upcoming events in our hometown, compiled by Tualatin Tomorrow, the citizen long-range vision committee where arts and culture-related goals identified by residents are monitored. To submit an item, email larry.mcclure@gmail.com. COMMUNITY THEATRE RETURNS TO TUALATIN January 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22. Mask and Mirror Community Theatre opens its new “Unmasked” adult-theme play […]

Pedestrian Safety

BY CHARLIE BENSON, EAST CIO PRESIDENT The New Year has arrived and with it a return to work and school. Limited hours of daylight and inclement weather make for challenging driving conditions and increased hazards, especially for pedestrians. As we begin the year, our CIOs (Citizen Involvement Organizations) would like to urge all citizens to […]

Change Coming to Tualatin City Council

Tualatin City Council

BY REID IFORD, TUALATIN LIFE By passing the term limits measure in the November election, Tualatin voters made it clear they want to see a shakeup of the status quo at City Hall. They will begin to see the effects of that change in January. While no existing council members are immediately affected by term […]

Clark Lumber: Open for Business

Clark Lumber

Clark Lumber and True Value Hardware is up and providing for their community, despite a tragedy several months. Even without a full facility, they are stocked with lumber, pellets, keys and more! Anything special ordered can be ready in just a couple days. On July 31 of this year, Clark Lumber was destroyed in a […]

Osteopathic Medicine: A profound and uniquely effective approach to health care


BY DR. STEPHANIE NANI Whether you struggle with chronic pain or illness, recently suffered an injury or simply want to enjoy a higher level of overall health, osteopathic medicine can help. Osteopathy is not a set of techniques, it is an approach to health and healing that when applied in medical practice can have a […]


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