Stories from April 2nd,  Our 5th Anniversary Edition



Tualatin’s Kanya Sesser Update: California Surfing Safari

Kanya 3

I was born in Park Chong, Thailand without legs. I was abandoned on the front steps of a Buddhist temple when I was one week old. A policeman found me and brought me to a Park Chong hospital. The plan was to find me a family, and more importantly a loving home. For two years I lived with an older [...]

Medical Marijuana in Tualatin: Facts & Future


Ballot Measure 67, approved in November 1998 by Oregon voters, approved the use of medical marijuana through a State controlled permit system. The language of the ballot measure was codified by the Oregon Legislature as the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, which requires (among other things) that an individual obtain a written statement from an MD or DO that the individual has [...]

Few Aware that Japanese Assaulted Wake Island Just Hours after the Pearl Harbor attack that shocked the World


News of the December 7, 1941 horrific Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor quickly captured the attention of Americans and the world. But very few are aware that just hours after Pearl Harbor, Japan also attacked strategically located Wake Island where the US had over a thousand contractors building a Navy-Marine base and an airstrip. Although the attack is recorded as December 8, it [...]

Putting the good back in Good Morning

Passport to Parenting 2

How many parents do you hear say, “You know what comes really easily to me as a parent? Getting my kids out the door in the morning!” NOT! It’s actually probably one of the things my clients complain about the most! Despite our good intentions as parents, by 8:00am in the morning, how many demands, orders, and commands have we barked [...]

Winona Grange’s “Garden Party”


Winona Grange will be going back to its agricultural roots on Saturday, April 5 when Master Gardeners will present gardening classes for children in the morning and adults in the afternoon.                                                           [...]

Gardening in Tualatin’s Community

Plants 3

Are you planning on growing vegetables in a garden this year? There’s nothing quite like eating fresh produce right out of your own garden. Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots,beets, peppers, onions, chard, broccoli,cabbage, kale and even all those zucchinis…taste amazing when it’s home grown.                                 [...]