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Stories From Our May 6th Publication:



Where Should Tualatin Consider a New City Hall?

City Hall 2

In 2013 there was much debate about the Seneca Street Extension near the Library and the topic of demolishing City Council building was certainly addressed. People seemed a bit shocked at an option that might cost an estimated $4 Million to build a new one.  One idea that was considered for City Hall was to build it next to the […]

Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance! – Mask & Mirror Community Theatre Announces the 1st Tualatin Community Musical: “Singin’ in the Rain”


Mask & Mirror Community Theatre will be bringing song and dance to the City of Tualatin this summer by presenting the 1st Tualatin Community Musical: “Singin’ in the Rain” in the Auditorium at Tualatin High School. The musical is adapted from the hit MGM movie by the original writers and includes all the favorite songs and characters. The cast of over 25 local singers and dancers will […]

I Got Spurs that Jingle, Jangle Jingle, As I Go Ridin’ Merrily Along


After the Great Depression and the Second World War were over my dad decided we needed to build a new barn on our farm along Jurgens Road.  Dad had a grove of second growth fir trees along Hazelbrook Road and in 1945 he hired Jack Johnson, a gyppo logger from Norwood to bring his portable sawmill, cut some trees down and saw […]

Have you made your Bubble List?


We talk about having a Bucket List… a list of things we must do before we kick the bucket.  So, what is a Bubble List? A Bubble List is a list of things we want our children to learn to do before they leave our bubble…our deliberately chosen, safe, encapsulated bubble of our home and our protection.  Just like most people, my husband and I chose our […]

Tualatin Future Business Leaders of America is on a Five Year Roll


Tualatin Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) did it again. Tualatin High School’s FBLA chapter won the 6A State title of Chapter of the Year for the fifth year in a row at their State Business Leadership Competition. Not only that, but together, the club took home 54 individual and team awards.

Although largest Navy base in the world during WWII, Ulithi Atoll in South Pacific Ocean was kept a “top secret” Incredible construction job was completed in one month


As the Second World War military battle in the Pacific moved westward, the United States needed a forward base to wage both Navy and Air operations. Ulithi, an atoll composed of 40 small islands in the Westernmost Caroline Islands, uniquely met that need. This base allowed the Navy to move forward in a huge leap, rather than moving slowly by […]

Farmer’s Market Moves to Saturday Mornings in Front of Library

Farmers Market 2

When I was a little girl, my family planted a garden every spring. We lived in Eastern Montana where the summers are long and hot, and everything we ever planted grew. I remember going with my parents and choosing, with my sisters, the seeds we would grow each year. The smell of tomato vines, the sweetness of peas eaten straight from the plant, […]


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