Welcoming a New Year for Tualatin


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Stories from our January 14th publication



Tualatin Police Travel to Honor Slain NYC Officer

Honor Guard 2

Officer Jack Rose and I recently had the honor to represent the City of Tualatin and the State of Oregon in paying respect at the funeral services for Officer Rafael Ramos of the New York City Police Department.  Officer Ramos and Officer Wenjian Liu were executed while sitting in their patrol car at an intersection in Brooklyn on December 20th.  Officer [...]

Want to Get Involved with Tualatin?

Volunteer 2

VOLUNTEER:  So many opportunities exist to volunteer in Tualatin! Do you like being in nature? Come plant trees. Do you like reading? Come shelve books. Do you enjoy cooking? Help serve lunch to seniors at the Juanita Pohl Center.

A Different Winter

Garden Corner 2

It’s sometimes interesting how changes in the garden runs strangely parallel to changes in real life.  Last summer, it all began with a constant cough that wouldn’t go away. When I first heard it from her, it was while she was planting a few garden projects near the beginning of July. It was just a small cough: just one small degree [...]

Tualatin’s Matt Derhalli selected for Internship with the NY Mets

Matt Derhalli 2

2011 Tualatin High School grad Matt Derhalli has accepted a position with the New York Mets as their Marketing and Communications Intern and will be heading to Queens, NYC in February.  He will be assisting with game day activities including pre-game entertainment, field visits, ballpark tours, alumni appearances, marketing surveying/initiatives and special events. There will also be project work which [...]

Messages We Give Children

Passport to Parenting 2

When children are young, they are full of confidence.  They believe they can do anything, be anyone. They are fearless and they have unlimited potential. If I were to ask a group of Kindergarteners, “How many of you think you can be a great doctor, an important scientist, the President of the United States?” most hands would shoot up into the air. Unfortunately, if I were to ask that same question to [...]

Tualatin Rotary is Driving Miles for Smiles

Miles for Smiles 2

Restaurants on wheels—better known as food carts—line downtown Portland’s streets and draw thousands of tourists and natives alike rain or shine. But even before our home was dubbed nationally as catering to hungry people via wheels, Tualatin had already taken to the streets… for dental care. With sponsorship from the Tualatin Rotary Club and the Tualatin School House Pantry, Medical Teams International’s Mobile Dental [...]

Ruminations on Appellations

Ruminationtions on Appellations 2

      So how did our lovely little community get the name Tualatin? From the hunting and gathering natives who occupied the valley for thousands of years and called the meandering river Atfalati? Close, but no cigar. Not yet anyway.  The Atfalati called this rea“Chachimahiluk” meaning “place of aromatic herb” possibly mint.


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