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Give the gift of preparedness this year, and shop locally while you’re at it!


BY CATHY HOLLAND, COMMERCIAL CIO PRESIDENT Your Tualatin Citizen Involvement Organization (CIO) volunteers want you to be aware that the Holiday season is a great time to “Rock the Sock” with handy emergency preparation items for those hard-to-buy-for adult friends and family. Here are just a few ideas for the gift-giving season. You can find […]

December Events


Enjoy these upcoming events in our hometown, compiled by Tualatin Tomorrow, the citizen long-range vision committee where arts and culture-related goals identified by residents are monitored. To submit an item, email Full Article

Bob’s Auto Cafe: So Much More than just Auto Repair

Bob's auto cafe

BY REID IFORD, TUALATIN LIFE Bob’s Auto Café might not be what you would expect from the name. There’s no one named Bob, and it’s not a café, but it’s very much about automobiles. It’s a school, but not your typical school. It fills a serious need in the automotive industry for mechanics by offering […]

Longtime Tualatin Gaming Shop Closes Abruptly

ancient wonders

BY REID IFORD, TUALATIN LIFE When one door closes, another opens… hopefully. Longtime Tualatin fixture Ancient Wonders, a board game and comics shop which for 21 years occupied a small building near Clark Lumber, closed it’s doors towards the end of November. However, it may be too early for its loyal customers to mourn the […]

Aging in Place

aging in place

BY SUSAN NOACK, CHAIR, TUALATIN AREA AGING TASK FORCE The holiday season has begun and social isolation becomes magnified to those less fortunate, in need or alone. As a community, let us not forget how we can help our senior citizens and families who may be struggling. First, we can help each other in a […]

Tualatin’s Mobile Makerspace Hitting the Streets in January!

tualatin mobile makerspace

It takes a village…or a whole community to get these wheels in motion! The Tualatin “America’s Best Communities” (ABC) Team is excited to launch the Mobile Makerspace (MMS) next month thanks to the work of so many volunteers, businesses and community partners who have given countless hours, donations and more to get this trailer ready […]

Tualatin Rotary Presents Check to School House Pantry

Tualatin Rotary

BY DIANE BONICA, TUALATIN ROTARY What happens to people of limited means when they have a toothache? If they are lucky, they will be treated at one of the dental vans operated by Medical Teams International, a Christian-based organization which provides emergency dental and medical care both locally and globally. And if you live in […]

“Pairings” – A Silent But Loud Art Show of Sue Parman at the Tualatin Public Library

Sue Parman

Sue Parman at the Tualatin Public Library BY ANGELA WRAHTZ New and exciting artwork full of conversation and created by award winning artist Sue Parman are on now on display in the Living Room Gallery at the Tualatin Public Library from December 2016 through the end of February 2017. An anthropologist, Parman has always been […]

Update on Jessi Thorne

Jesse Thorne

BY JONATHAN CRANE, PAST PUBLISHER JC – So how about an update as to your health? Are you 100% at this point or do you have lingering issues? Jessi – As far as my health goes, I feel abundantly better than I did before. Sometimes, when I push myself too hard, my head will start […]

Open Enrollment: What’s Stopping You?

Cydni Klauss

BY CYDNI KLAUSS & KATHLEEN KARAPONDO It’s that time of year… time to choose the best health care plan for you and your family. Open enrollment launched November 1st and runs through January 31st. What does that mean for you? It means that, if you don’t have coverage through an employer, you can sign up, […]

Greenway Trail Receives Awards

greenway trail receives awards

The City of Tualatin has received state and national awards for excellence, design, and sustainability for the innovative Tualatin River Greenway Trail project. The City received the Green Infrastructure or Transportation Project Award from the American Planning Association’s Sustainable Communities, Urban Design, and International Divisions recognizing the project for supporting and growing sustainable communities. The […]

A Holiday in Balance

a holiday in balance

BY JONN KARSSEBOOM Growing up, the entire Christmas season for me has always seemed to be a confusing bag of mixed messages. Don’t get me wrong; I’m in no means a fantastical Grinch or a strangely haunting Ebenezer Scrooge. I actually love the holiday. I love all of the extra niceties it brings, like eating […]

Trigger Points and Chronic Pain

trigger points and chronic pain

BY DR. STEPHANIE NANI Nearly everyone experiences muscle pain from time to time but it is often temporary, and resolves on its own. However, when a muscle is injured or over stressed small contractions known as trigger points may form causing a wide variety of chronic pain conditions. Trigger points are highly irritated, painful spots […]

Dale Potts: We are put here on this earth to help others, and we should use our skills for this purpose…


BY REID IFORD, TUALATIN LIFE For seven years Dale Potts has used the pages of Tualatin Life Newspaper to chronicle the lives, history and exploits of military veterans who at some time in their lives have Tualatin connections. But while our readers probably all know Dale as a writer and reporter, they may not know […]

The Sasaki Family

Art Sasaki

BY LOYCE MARTINAZZI After the last strawberries were plowed under, and work on the farm lessened, Art and Nami Sasaki began landscaping the spacious grounds around their home. The family had worked hard growing strawberries and grapes, and were well known for perfect produce and spotless fields. They loved working with the soil. Ojiro Sasaki […]

Make Time for Meditation


BY DR. WENDY ROGERS, TRUE HEALTH MEDICINE PC Stress management is an important topic that’s discussed in virtually every appointment with the doctors at True Health Medicine, PC because it is THAT IMPORTANT to achieving health and wellness. Chronic stress lowers the immune system, increases risk of cardiovascular disease, decreases energy and overall sense of […]

Boy Scouts to Provide Christmas Trees Recycling

boy scouts

Tualatin Boy Scout Troops 530 and 35 will cover the entire city on Saturday, December 31 and January 7 to pick up Christmas trees for recycling. Trees need to be curbside by 8 a.m. and will be picked up between 9a.m. and 4p.m. both days. The suggested donation is $10 for smaller trees and $15 […]

Remembering Tualatin

remembering tualatin, kmart

BY JOHN HUTCHINSON I am not technically a Tualatin native, but I can still remember standing in dew laden predawn summer days waiting for the old yellow school bus that would ferry me from my home near Gresham to the berry fields at Wilhelm Farms on 65th. Those thistle lined fields, pewter colored wires stretched […]

A Proud Tualatin Grandpa


BY DOUG WATSON We built our Tualatin home in 1979 and here we raised the mother of the remarkable young man who is the hero of this story. From earliest childhood it was apparent that Jeremy was not developing as other children his age. He could not articulate words, and soon manifested learning difficulties. He […]

Prepper Minute! Emergency tips you can use!

Prepper Minute

BY TUALATIN CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT ORGANIZATION (CIO) Do you have a “Go Kit” or “Go Bag” to take with you in case of an Evacuation? If not, start one today. Now think, if I have only five minutes to leave the house, what do I want to take? Here are few PREPPER tips that take only […]

Feast on THIS!

Feast on THIS

BY KIM DEMARCHI No matter what holiday you celebrate, November and December usually involve a lot of family togetherness and a lot of feasting! Instead of overeating this holiday season, I’m suggesting we all feed our hungry hearts with genuine connection to others. We know that we nourish our bodies and our families’ bodies by […]

Oregon Dream Teams Inspire

Oregon Dream Teams

BY KATE PRITCHARD ODT Inspire is a non-profit all-star competitive cheer and dance team serving individuals with special needs. The team is open to all skill levels, male and female, ages 5 and up. The team practices hard every Sunday for two hours in Beaverton. There are 23 athletes, 20 volunteers and 2 coaches. Four […]

The Martinazzi Sisters


BY LARRY McCLURE Martinazzi Avenue is a familiar name in our city but few may realize there are several strong women with that family heritage still making their mark today. The most widely-known Martinazzi (rhymes with “snazzy”) is Loyce whose articles on Tualatin area history are widely followed in these pages. She lives in nearby […]

Bradley Summers captured after B-17 shot Down, Spends almost two years in German POW Camp

Bradley Summers

BY DALE POTTS Bradley Summer’s knew he was in trouble when the B-17 he was co-piloting fell behind the squadron formation on the return trip to England after participating in a WWII bombing raid on Hamburg as part of Operation Gomorrah, targeting strategic shipyards, U-boat pens and oil refineries. German fighter planes, Messerschmidts and Fokwolves, […]


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