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Support Your Favorite Local Restaurants

Local restaurants

Believe it or not, some of the strongest feedback we've ever received on our Tualatin Life Facebook page is when people vent their frustrations about the lack of choices for non-chain, local eateries.

Tualatin Marine, Corporal Barton

Corporal Barton

In 1968, America believed that we would easily win the Vietnam war. However, early that year, the Vietnamese announced a seven-day cease-fire for the end of January to celebrate Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. But instead, on January 31, North Vietnamese and Viet Cong military launched the Tet Offensive against major South Vietnam cities. The […]

Even Tualatin’s Fashions Evolved…

tualatin fashions

With all the interest in period dramas like Downtown Abbey, it’s fun to look back at how our community used to dress. Starting with underwear, a subject not suitable for discussion a hundred years ago, clothing has changed a lot. Full Article

Growth Even in Winter

growth even in winter

In my personal book of the Laws of the Universe, looking pretty shouldn’t mean silently suffering in the cold. There just isn’t any good reason for it. The proof for my irrefutable doctrine? As in all of biology: Form follows function. Full Article

Take Time for Training


My partner heard a story on the radio about a robotics team at UC Berkeley that tried to develop a robot that could fold laundry. For me, folding laundry is monotonous and I could do it in my sleep. Full Article

How Safe is Treated Willamette River Water?

Willamette River

“The Willamette River is not an homogenous pool of unchanging water,” explained Kim Anderson, director of OSU’s Food Safety and Environmental Stewardship Program. “Its chemistry changes in pulses, currents and seasonal differences that can concentrate some chemicals and dilute others. Full Article

Jessi’s Fight for Her Life

Jessi Thorne

As most of you who have been following this story know, Jessi Thorne is in the fight of her life, trying to get the funding she needs to remove a pineal cyst in her brain, which is life threatening. Full Story

Thank you, Tualatin

Jessi Thorne

Last month, we featured a story about Jessi Thorne and her fight to obtain a potentially life-saving brain surgery. The response from Tualatin Life Readers has been overwhelming, but there’s still more work to do. Jessi checks in with an update: Full Story


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