Everyday Heroes: Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown


The Brown family is growing, both in size and in love. Sarah Brown, fosterturned-adoptive mom, to son Daniel (10) whose adoption was final one year ago has opened up her heart and home once again. She has added to their tribe by welcoming son Ian (6) into her loving home.

Sarah has a glow about her, the way many comment on expectant mothers. She is overflowing with love and kindness. When you see her family with her sons, it’s easy to see Sarah comes by this naturally. Her sister, Melissa, who had a heart transplant just two years ago, is the picture of health and is very involved in the lives of her nephews- along with fiancé, RJ Mariano. The Brown parents, Roger and Dori, are the doting grandparents these precious boys deserve. These boys have been blessed with an amazing family.

Sarah has passed along her love of martial arts. The boys have really taken to Taekwondo. Daniel is also a gifted singer, and Sarah is fostering his talent as well as keeping an active lifestyle. Regarding Ian, Sarah said, “We were told Ian was terrified of the water. Wouldn’t get near it. Would scream and cry. Don’t even try to take him swimming. Ha. This kid. Swam non-stop all evening. Didn’t want to leave. Wants to go everyday. Loves swimming. And his brother. And his mom.” Sarah is building the confidence of her young sons daily through her love. It is clear she was made for them – and them for her.

Adoption changes lives. It gives kids a fresh start, and changes their story. It gives kids a better story. Perhaps the greatest transformation of all is in the lives of the caring adults who rally around them to give them a hope and a future.

Have you considered opening your heart or home to a child? Visit embraceoregon.org to find out more about fostering, adoption or how you can donate and make a difference.