Tualatin ROCKS!

Kendra's Customs
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Tualatin artist hides painted rocks for the world to find

Kendra Thomas
Kendra Thomas

Summer is in full swing. Kids are out of school. Moms are losing their minds. Kids need to be in the great outdoors and burn off that seemingly endless energy. I’m always looking for ways to maintain my sanity whilst keeping my kids occupied. I am also looking to reduce the screen time my kids get. There’s so many camps and places to go – but those options aren’t always budget-friendly. Among the easy summer activities, a family walk to a park is a go-to.

Kendra's Customs Haystack RockWhat makes rock hunting even more special is painting rocks, too. It is a fun, relaxing activity that taps into your children’s creativity.  A friend said recently that she wants her kids to be producers instead of consumers. So, giving them a chance to create something even as small as painting a rock, gives them a chance to do just that. Then, the added fun of hiding and placing them along on your walk or bike ride to a park. Now, imagine you’re on a walk around our city and you come across a gorgeous painted rock that is truly a work of art? Enter Kendra’s Customs.

Kendra's Customs Haystack RockKendra Thomas of Kendra’s Customs is a Tualatin resident and Tualatin High alumni with a new passion. “Art is expensive and not everyone can afford it, so it’s fun that someone could just find it- like a treasure hunt,” Kendra says. She prefers to leave them in places she likes to go and areas with lots of foot traffic. She’s placed four ocean-themed rocks so far, which are her first series of painted rocks. She’s just getting started and plans to do more. Her next rocks will include other Oregon landmark destinations such as Cannon Beach and Mt. Hood. Where can you find these rocks? Hint: check the trail along Tualatin Park and the Tualatin Commons.

Kendra belongs to several artist groups on social media and has seen the rock painting activity grow among the creative community. However, her interest in rocks peaked when she found a rock by another local artist and friend. She hopes others will be inspired by her rocks and get into it.

Kendra’s painted rocks take this fun and wholesome family activity to a whole new level. But Kendra doesn’t just paint rocks. She paints figures, toys and even shoes! Her sketches and paintings, both acrylic and watercolor, are also beautiful and eye-catching. She does many commissioned pieces, and it’s clear to see why. You can follow her work on her Instagram or Facebook page under Kendra’s Customs.

One question remains: if you find a rock by Kendra’s Customs, will you keep it or re-hide it?

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