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Sharing a ride in a carpool for just over 3 hours a day ultimately means you share more than just the ride. Over time the conversations layer up and the relationships deepen. For Jay and I the drive became more than the economic convenience it started out to be. Working as engineers for a circuit board manufacturing plant in Dallas Oregon, we spent hours talking about work, family and life in general. In the process we became good friends.

It was around 2004 when we started kicking around business ideas. Much of the manufacturing capacity for circuit boards was quickly moving overseas to China so business ideas were becoming more frequent in the carpool. Then one day Jay looked over and asked “How about granite?” At first I was reluctant. I didn’t know much about the granite business but I did know it was heavy; and could be dangerous if you didn’t know how to move it. But not long after that initial conversation we happened upon a business group called EleMar located on the east coast. Next thing you know we were on a plane to Connecticut. It took a little while but my reluctance was tempered as my questions were answered. As they showed us each step of the business model I soon realized there was no really good reason not to try this venture.

Often this is the case when you’re faced with choices. The unknown can seem daunting and downright scary. But as I have found out over these many years, perceived pressure is often worse than the real thing. Fortunately the choices we made in those early days has paid off.

EleMar is now almost 12 years old, with 2 warehouses and a small fleet of trucks; and we’re still growing.

So the real key was finding the right people to help answer all those daunting questions.

At EleMar Oregon, Jay and I have worked very hard to provide an import, wholesale slab business dedicated to full customer service. Much of what we do here is educational. We provide answers to your questions. We think it’s what sets us apart from the other warehouses in town. We probably have the best selection of countertop material choices in town but with that comes lots of questions about performance, cosmetics, country of origin, environmental impacts and the installation process. We’re here to help you with all of those questions.

We can describe the differences between granite and man made materials; marble, soapstone and quartzite. All of these materials have maintenance requirements specific to their makeup.

The cost ranges often overlap each other so many times there is very little difference in price between the different material types. Our warehouses are open to the public so you’re free to come in and browse to your heart’s content. Even though the many choices of colors and materials may seem overwhelming, we have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff to help.

We can also help you with your choice of a fabricator and we’ll explain the entire process of selection and installation.

We want you to know we understand the importance of choices. Especially those choices that have a lasting impact in your life; like the ones that will make the kitchen of your dreams come to life. We invite you to visit us and have a cup of coffee (we have really good coffee) and we’ll do our best to help you feel at ease about your choices; It’s what we do.

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Darrel Boyd, Elemar Oregon Inc
Darrel Boyd
is Owner / VP Sales & Marketing of EleMar Oregon LLC. You can reach him at 503.692.8020