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By: Jonathan Crane

When I started Tualatin Life in March of 2009 it seemed to many that the World as we knew it was going to end.  The stock market had plummeted, banks were collapsing, unemployment was on the rise, and fear was rampant.  My goal was to put together something positive for local people to enjoy in an otherwise dark period. 

As the paper has taken root, many people now send me stories that tell of circumstances that seem unbearable, yet somehow people not only survive, but emerge stronger and committed to giving back in an effort to help others.  This issue has several such stories. 

On page 1 you’ll find a remarkable story of a local family determined to make life better for young cancer patients after losing their five year old daughter to cancer in 2009.  The Chelsea Hicks Foundation began as a simple idea to help others who found themselves in this most difficult situation and has blossomed into a nationally recognized charitable entity.  

Dale Lembke writes about the cause he and his wife Claudia spearhead to honor their fallen son, Cpl. Matthew Lembke.  The article (page 7) reveals the pain of such a loss, but also the desire to make a positive difference to honor their son and keep his spirit alive in our community. The Regatta Run, which is a primary source for the Matthew Lembke scholarship fund for college boundTualatinHigh Schoolstudents, received thousands of dollars in proceeds last year from the event and hopefully will this year as well. 

We also get a Jake Dering update from his Mom, Chellie.  This boy’s smile lights up a room despite his long, tough road of numerous surgeries and struggles.  His vibrant, relentless spirit is really a lesson for all of us. 

We all have problems, but at times a reality check is in order to get a decent perspective of our good fortune and the things we take for granted. 

This issue is packed with stories of local interest.  You’ll read about an emerging local musician, Women of Watercolor, Gluten-Free diets, local Arts & Culture, Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Gardening of Business concept and outstanding columns from regulars you will love as well. 

As always, you are highly encouraged to shop locally.  Circulating your dollars in Tualatin makes our city stronger and builds a better community.

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