Mayor’s Corner: February/March 2023

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Arbor Month

Volunteers plant trees and plants at Jurgen’s Park during Arbor Month 2022.
Volunteers plant trees and plants at Jurgen’s Park during Arbor Month 2022.

Arbor Day is a national observance that celebrates the role of trees in our lives and promotes tree planting and care. First celebrated in 1872, it was established as a way to encourage farmers and homesteaders to plant trees that would provide shade, shelter, food, fuel, and beauty to open areas. The City of Tualatin celebrates the entire month of April as Arbor Month with numerous fun activities. For children, the city is currently accepting pieces of art as part of the Arbor Month Kids Poster Contest. Children in grades K through 8 are encouraged to participate. The art piece should let the viewer know what trees mean to the young artist. Submissions are due by March 6. For more information on this contest, check out this webpage:

If you are a photographer, the city’s Arbor Month Photo Contest is open for submissions. All photos must be of a tree or stand of trees within the City of Tualatin. This contest also has a March 6 submission deadline. For contest rules, please visit

On the morning of April 8, volunteers will plant native trees, shrubs, and pollinator-friendly flowers along Hedges Creek to improve forest diversity and stream health. We will meet in Tualatin Community Park starting at 9 AM through Noon. The winning poems from the Tualatin Historical Society’s second annual Arbor Month Poetry Contest will be read at this event. 

You can submit your poem before March 5 to Your poem should celebrate the spirit of Arbor Month in Tualatin and be 200 words or less. Judges will evaluate poems based on their ability to entertain as well as their technical excellence. All entrants will receive a free annual membership to the Tualatin Historical Society.