Drag Racing Extraordinaire Sadie Floyd

Drag racing Extraordinaire Sadie Floyd
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Sadie Floyd is an up and coming drag racing extraordinaire in the National Hot Rod Association.
Making an impact on the sport at the young age of 11, Sadie has always had the need for speed. Sadie’s father, John Floyd, is the owner of Tualatin Tranmission and has been supporting her career for the last decade and has been racing along side her, in the same competitive class, for the last
four years.

The sport of drag racing is an extremely male dominated sport but Sadie feels like she fits right in when it comes to competing with the men. “I’ve always felt that a racer is a racer, I don’t pay attention to gender much when I am on that track. Male or female, I want to do the best I can as a driver to beat everyone I come up against. I race men 95% of the time and it doesn’t bother me one bit. I feel that I am able to keep up with the men I race against and give them a run for their money”, Sadie says.


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