Everyday Heroes – Kim Kroeger, TuHS Teacher Extraordinaire

Kim Kroeger, Tualatin High School
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By Jenny Lind Conlee

Kim Kroeger is in her twenty-first year of teaching choir at Tualatin High School, and her impact on our community is now multi-generational. Saying she’s a choir teacher truly doesn’t do this amazing woman justice; it barely scratches the surface of this woman’s role.

Mrs. Kroeger creates opportunities for her students that are once in a lifetime experiences that they will always treasure. She’s taken students to perform at Carnegie Hall where they’ve sung with famous orchestras and conductors. They’ve performed in Mexico, British Columbia and Jamestown, VA just to name a few. They’ve performed for presidents and dignitaries.

Mrs. Kroeger puts on a huge musical every year and includes as many students as she possibly can. She just wrapped Shrek the Musical in February, with approximately a hundred students in the cast, orchestra and tech team. Having had the theatre experience herself, she sees the value in doing this for her students. It builds camaraderie. It builds community.

Every year at the Christmas concert, she invites alumni to return to the stage and perform Ave Maria. It is moving when you see people get up from their seats and make their way to the stage. You feel the love and warmth that this woman has poured out for over twenty years. Her influence has inspired many former students to become music educators and performers all over the country.

Mrs. Kroeger’s longevity is a testament to her commitment to students, their families and our community as a whole. This is a legacy.

Jenny Lind Conlee is the wife of a Tualatin pastor, mom of twin boys, actor, singer, comedian and lover of donuts. You can follow her on Twitter @jennylindconlee or on her blog: thefivestages.wordpress.com.

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