The 1950s: Poodle Skirts, Pony Tails,Elvis and I-5


As we move in this column from 1913, Tualatin’s year of incorporation, toward the current time, we have reached the 1950s, a time of great change.
The most explosive thing that ever happened to Tualatin since the last ice age floods has to be the building of the Interstate Freeway, which ran from Canada to Mexico. The portion at Tualatin was opened in the mid 1950s.
The project slashed through the fertile Willamette Valley, forever changing the dynamics of the land and its people. Previously, 99 East and 99 West were the north and south routes, with many exits, making traffic slow and cumbersome. The Federal Expressway, with limited off and on ramps made travel more expedient in a time when most folks drove automobiles.

Tualatin History 2

Before the freeway was built, Avery Road connected with Robbins Road off 65th (Meridian Road). John Nyberg and Julius Martinazzi were among the landowners whose property was condemned to make way for the road.

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