Pedestrian Safety

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The New Year has arrived and with it a return to work and school. Limited hours of daylight and inclement weather make for challenging driving conditions and increased hazards, especially for pedestrians. As we begin the year, our CIOs (Citizen Involvement Organizations) would like to urge all citizens to focus on Pedestrian Safety.

For Motorists:

Pedestrians always have the right of way, whether or not the pedestrian is in a crosswalk.

Crosswalks exist at any public street intersection, whether they are marked or unmarked.

Crosswalks may also exist between intersections if they are marked with white painted lines.

Drivers must stop and remain stopped for pedestrians until they are out of the lane in which you traveling/turning and the next lane.

As a driver, always signal your intentions when turning.

When driving through a school safety zone, the speed limit is 20 MPH during times or conditions as outlined on the speed sign.

Children headed to school:

Walk or ride in groups to be seen by drivers.

If possible, walk or ride to school with an adult family member or caregiver.

Learn about and take the “Safe Route to School”.

Cross streets at major intersections with crosswalks, school safety guards and stop lights.

Before crossing an intersection, check for vehicles by looking left, right and left again.

Wait for vehicles to come to a complete stop before crossing in front of traffic.


Ditch the distractions – Keep your eyes and ears on traffic.

Walk on the edge – Always use the sidewalk when there is one. When there’s not, stick to the shoulder and face traffic

Cross at corners – Obey signals and use crosswalks.

Make eye contact – Don’t take a step to cross until drivers see you.

Be visible – If you’re wearing dark clothing drivers may not see you. For added visibility, wear bright colors or reflective wear.

For more information about pedestrian safety, visit Our goal is ZERO pedestrian injuries and fatalities for Tualatin in 2017.

Visit the website at for more information, and join our neighborhood discussion at simply by signing in with your local street address.

Charlie Benson
Charlie Benson
and his wife Cheri have lived in Tualatin since 2002. He is retired from 30+ years in the hospitality industry. He can be reached at

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