Publisher’s Note

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Written by: Jonathan Crane, Publisher

Being in the running for America’s Best City is a huge deal, not only because of the prestigious title, but the $3 million prize that accompanies it could do wonders for our City.  The vision of a substantial shared community space could be helpful to so many local people.  In the article below you will see what is being done to qualify Tualatin for this honor, how the money would be used and how you can help achieve this goal.

Speaking of pride in our community, Tualatin High School’s baseball team not only had a remarkable season, playing in a new, tougher division, but also received some amazing honors as well.  You can read about them on page 3, along with some words from Assistant Coach Eric Wadsworth as he reveals why he’s decided to end his 23 year coaching career.  He’ll be missed.

While it is always nice to report good news, sometimes controversial issues that have people upset need to be aired out as well.  The City Council’s use of the Emergency Clause to pass an ordinance intended to shorten the signature gathering period for initiatives to get on the ballot has many local people quite perturbed.  Some feel the timing of this action, coinciding with a term limit initiative being presented, added fuel to the fire.  I’ve rarely had as many letters on any single subject.  They are passionate and heartfelt, so I encourage you to take a look on pages 10 & 11.

Our local economy is as robust as I’ve seen it.  There is more traffic, yes, but that’s because more business is being done.  Retail is visibly stronger.  Lots of shoppers, bustling parking lots.  Additionally, our local manufacturers are thriving when not very long ago many were struggling with a very bad recession.  Unemployment in Tualatin is below 4% and I can tell you first hand that there are plenty of jobs out there, particularly in light industrial and manufacturing.

With summer arriving there are many opportunities to engage with your local community in some pretty outstanding venues.  Concerts, Movies, ArtSplash will all be at the Commons, Farmers Market will now be Saturday mornings at the Library parking lot.  I hope you take advantage of these unique events because they are why Tualatin is such a special place.

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