Tualatin Farmers Market

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Tualatin Farmers Market – by Valerie MacQuarrie

I stopped by our  local Tualatin Farmers Market on their opening day this past Friday.. and I have to say, what a treat!  I was expecting to find just the usual produce stalls but instead found much more.  Along with fresh fruits and veggies there was live music and a delicious aroma wafting through the air coming from the various food vendors – from wood-burning oven pizza to Thai food.  I am pretty sure I gained five pounds just standing next to the stall where the guy was frosting the hot mini-donuts, sigh.

I was particularly delighted with the local raw honey, and a jam company serving up creative low-sugar varieties with names like ‘Peach Cinnamon Pinot’ and ‘Plum Cinnamon Walnut’  Yum.  I found the Flying Squirrel peanut butter two stalls down – a perfect accompaniment to my newly acquired jam, with more interesting taste combinations than anyone could ever ask of from their PB.  Click here to see more Flying Squirrel PB

I encourage you to stop by on a Friday from 4-8 pm and check it out for yourself, You might go there for strawberries and come home with some homemade soap.  I did.