Rosie’s Kitchen: Tualatin’s Best Kept Secret

Rosie's Kitchen


Rosie’s Kitchen quietly opened in October, but it’s authentic Mexican food is starting to draw a crowd. Since opening its doors, Rosie’s Kitchen’s lunch hours have been stocked full of hungry professionals. I have admittedly become a junky for their traditional food. The food has a true, authentic flavor from Mexico, a flavor that keeps me coming back.

I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to Mexican food. Growing up in Downtown Los Angeles, I grew to love the cuisine. I remember visiting my friends’ homes, I would patiently sit at the kitchen table and wait for their mother or “abuelita” (grandmother) happily prepared the most delicious homemade tortillas, carne asada, rice and refried beans—they will spoiled me with delicious traditional dishes from their little towns of Mexico. Now, wherever I’ve lived, I have gone to great lengths to find the perfect “sazón” (flavor) that my taste buds became used to. Until Rosie’s Kitchen opened, I would frequently travel as far as Woodburn for tacos. Trust me, it is very difficult to find good Mexican food.

Rosie’s Kitchen is a game changer for residents of Tualatin. Rosie Lopez and Luis Alfaro started the restaurant with the goal of making meals from scratch. “Our food is fresh and prepped as you order. We want you to feel like you’re in our dining room, eating with us,” explains Luis. Bucking the trend of reheating food, Luis is betting customers will like the artistry of handmade tortillas, never-from-a-can beans, and the generational recipes from Rosie Lopez’s family. So far, that bet is paying off.

In just its second month, Rosie Kitchen’s sales have doubled. Although much of the success is attributed to its great food, the customer service is intimate and always thoughtful. Like most start-up restaurants, Rosie’s Kitchen is a family affair. Luis and Rosie have been married 9 years, and their three children often help at the restaurant during busy hours. “Getting to know Rosie and her family has been as good as the food. They have a great story, and it’s heart-warming to see the family work together to achieve a dream,” says Jordan Berriér, a frequent customer during the lunch hour.

Jordan is not the only frequent customer. Rosie’s Kitchen boasts a high retention rate among its customers. Their customer base is very diverse in cultures, ethnicities, and age. Most people are familiar with tacos and burritos when it comes to Mexican food; however, one recommendation is the Torta de Milanesa, which is a sandwich with breaded meat fillet, cheese, avocado, refried beans, cream, lettuce, and Rosie’s own recipe – delicious! Try the entrées as well, like the Camarones (shrimp) a la Diabla (spicy sauce) or Beef Stew. Each entrée is a generous portion, so make sure you’re hungry.

Rosie’s Kitchen’s Yelp! Profile already has 16 reviews, averaging 4.5 stars out of 5. One review exclaims, “I was recommended by a coworker and have eaten there every single day since.”

When asked why customers return so often, Luis responded, “They found the real thing.” Luis and Rosie have been bent on providing the real Mexican experience. And while that experience requires more effort, the loyal following has vindicated their approach.

As a Mexican food aficionado, I have found my local sazón. I recommend that you visit Luis and Rosie – get to know them and try the food. You might just be their next Yelp! review.

Rosie’s Kitchen
8145 SW Nyberg St.,
Tualatin • 503-563-6890
Mon. – Fri. 11am–9pm,
Sat. 10am–10pm,
Sun. 10am–9pm

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Maria Antonieta Reyes
María Antoniéta Reyes
is Honduran- American. Currently, she is the Director of Donor Relations for the Salvation Army in Oregon. She has been a resident of Tualatin for 4 years. You can reach María at [email protected].