The Return of a Legacy. Regatta Run Returns for Eighth Year

Regatta Run 2016
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If you’ve been around Tualatin in the Fall for the past 8 years, you probably have heard of the Regatta Run. In fact, the Regatta Run has become a “thing” in Tualatin (as my students put it), and the community looks forward to it every year. Sponsors graciously support it, and people- from near and far- sign up for what has become a Tualatin tradition. Some are seasoned athletes- joggers or walkers- and some are people who just want to take part in this very special event. Why? It all started with a hero. Matt Lembke was a Tualatin High School graduate in 2005. He joined the Marines, served two tours in Iraq, and then a third in Afghanistan. His plan was to come back and go to college after this tour. Unfortunately, he was critically injured and did not survive his injuries. A scholarship fund was started in his name, for Tualatin High School graduates, and the Regatta Run was born as the only fundraiser for it. In this way, Matt’s legacy lives on. The students at the high school know who he is, and many of them stop to look at the framed picture of Matt and his football jersey above the weight room. Many teachers will show the promo video, using photos from the previous year’s events, posters go up in school and around town, and people lace up their sneakers and come… to honor Matt, to continue his legacy, and to raise funds for the scholarship.

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