Growing laundry in the garden


I’ve often found that in modern daily life, obstacles can have unexpected benefits.  For instance, it’s a part of my morning routine, believe it or not, to fold the clean clothes and start a new cycle of washing and or drying of anything in my house made of cloth. There are six of us under one roof; several who are competitive swimmers (read lots of big towels) so it’s an ongoing, non-stop effort.

Growing laundry in the garden


  1. I’m proud to call this laundress (launderer? laundry person?) a friend. He has turned me on to reading Tualatin Life (and gardening). I have noticed the clothesline but didn’t know the rest of the story. Totally enjoyed it and it sounds like someone else I know who mows with a reel mower instead of a power mower. I’m not sure Jonn will turn me onto laundry in the garden but maybe a baking oven?

    Garden On, Laundry Rebel!


  2. John, I live in Tulsa, OK but my daughter lives in West Linn and forwards your Garden “show” to me….I love it. Look forward to it and will share with friends locally.

    Obviously we don’t have the same kind of huge trees you have there (which I love to see)although we have lots of trees! But nobody has the size hanging basket you do!

    Thanks for sharing!


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