Happy Holidays

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By:  Jonathan Crane   Each month I tend to feature feel-good, pay-it-forward types of stories not because I seek them out, but because that is what is sent in.  I am truly amazed at the general goodness of people and their willingness to step up and rise to the occasion when needed.

When Gabe Karapando had his snowboarding accident, people rallied.  When the Food Pantry needed additional donations, they received them. When our local charities needed additional funding, we supportednthem.  There are dozens of examples I could list, but I think you get my point.

It is typical to have such stories during the holiday season, but we have them every issue because people needing people is a year round event.

In this issue there are two stories that ask you to think differently.  They offer a means to make subtle changes which can translate into major impacts on other peoples lives.

The first such story (page 21) was written by a very close friend of mine who was weeks away from losing his life to liver failure, but through a transplant was able to get well and has a new lease on life.  He discusses organ donation and how it saved
his life.

The second is the front cover story.  Susan Saari received an e-mail that she passed on which empowers us to make some simple adjustments in our shopping patterns which could have profound effects on our local economy.  Just raising our consciousness of this topic is a great start.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Tualatin Life.  There are many features which highlight what a vibrant and engaging community in which we live.  Tualatin’s Gateway Feature is being constructed which will dramatically change the look of our main road.  The CIO’s (Citizen Involvement Organizations) are in their infancy but seem to be taking root.  The Tualatin Police had their annual physical testing which I’ve highlighted on page 7.  Softball teams and other spring sports are forming.  There is a lot going on.

Please make every effort to shop locally during this peak retail season.  The impacts will be felt all year long.

Have a safe and happy holiday and please keep your stories rolling in.