Mayor’s Corner

Mayor's Corner, Lou Ogden
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Your 2017-18 City Council has hit the ground running. While nearly half of the council are newly elected, they certainly are not newly connected. Each of them has experienced considerable engagement in the community and our city government through their other volunteer efforts. Together, we spent two days last month in a biennial planning retreat discussing vision, overarching priorities, short and long term ends, and means to achieving them.

While we have made great strides in addressing transportation issues we continue to place a high emphasis on improvements to congestion, connectivity, pedestrian access, and funding opportunities. We are looking forward to new projects in the 2017-18. Further, we are committed to community engagement in various modes. Citizen Involvement Organizations are growing and our online access is constantly expanding. Yet, we are constantly attuned to the need to provide access, transparency, inclusion, and responsiveness to all Tualatin citizens in a timely and authentic manner. Along that vein, we recognize the richness of diversity in our community and value perspectives, concerns, and participation from everyone. We are committed to providing access, opportunity, outreach, and engagement for all, and honoring that input.

Tualatin is successful because of the people who live here and also those who work and build businesses here. We value economic vitality which enhances quality of life and financial security. At the same time we recognize stark contrasts in our socioeconomic achievements among many of our citizens. That is perhaps manifested most in the cost of housing. “Affordable” housing challenges many folks, be they of lower income, working middle class, young families, or seniors aging in place. While the solutions are not generally municipally-based, as a city council we are committed to recognizing this concern and collaborating with government and private partners to assure our community remains available for anyone who wishes to call Tualatin home.

Democracy is not a spectator sport. Not only do we value your input, we solicit and implore it. Phone, internet, US mail, or a shoulder tap at the grocery store; all are ways for you to keep us appraised of your questions, concerns, and suggestions.