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Tualatin’s Police Officers Annual Physical Fitness Test: ORPAT  Written by: Jonathan Crane   
i was talking to officer Eric Hermann a few weeks ago and he mentioned that Tualatin Police officers were going to do their annual physical fitness testing the following week, so I asked the Chief if he’d fill me in on the details and perhaps allow me to participate. Officer Eric Hermann was also kind enough to take
some great photos.

The course was set up at Hazelbrook Middle school November 9-13 for officers to test. Chief Barker’s description to me of the event, its practical function and the results it produces, was so clear I thought I’d run it virtually the way he sent it to me. Officers not only compete for bragging rights, but also earn a pay incentive for successfully performing the test in less than 5.5 minutes. It’s just
another example of how our Police force stays prepared to keep Tualatin safe.  Click here for Full story and Photos

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