The Martinazzi Sisters

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Martinazzi Avenue is a familiar name in our city but few may realize there are several strong women with that family heritage still making their mark today.

The most widely-known Martinazzi (rhymes with “snazzy”) is Loyce whose articles on Tualatin area history are widely followed in these pages. She lives in nearby Lake Oswego. Big sister Jo has relocated from Oregon to Arizona. Sister Toni settled in Kentucky. Only Rochelle still lives in Tualatin on part of the original 50-acre home place

In 1937 their parents Art Martinazzi and wife Ann Chapman (from nearby Stafford) purchased the land which had been farmed by the Jurgens family (their relatives) since 1869. Today’s Apache Bluff subdivision once grew Martinazzi berries and hay in addition to a Grade A dairy. Rochelle’s driveway entrance still displays Art’s coveted Century Farm sign awarded to any Oregon farm continually operating for at least 100 years. His mother Nettie Jurgens was born in a house still standing on Shasta Trail.

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