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Mike Antonelli

I’d like to begin this month’s letter by thanking the community of Tualatin for the warm welcome that I’ve experienced over the last couple months. When past publisher Jonathan Crane gave me the opportunity to take on the publisher role, my biggest worry was that our advertisers and contributors would take this change as an opportunity to end their relationship with the newspaper. To the contrary, the response has been amazingly welcoming and I’m grateful for that response.

A lot has been happening in Tualatin, and this issue is jam-packed with great articles. One of the most exciting stories has been news that Tualatin has been selected as one of the eight finalists in the America’s Best Communities (ABC) contest. You can read more about the Tualatin ABC Teams efforts on page 3. Along with the $100,000 awarded to each of the finalists comes an opportunity to bring another $3 million to the city. If you’re interested in hearing Mayor Ogden’s pitch to the judges, we’ve shared it on our Facebook page.

Several readers have called or emailed to inquire about Jessi Thorne, the young mother facing serious health problems in the form of a brain cyst. I was able to speak to Jessi’s mom, Terri, and I’m happy to report that after a few delays, she has undergone surgery, and it sounds like it was a complete success. Initial tests have shown the growth to be non-malignant, but she still has a long road to recovery ahead of her. We’re hoping she’ll be well enough for an update next month.

In other news, Memorial Day is right around the corner. On page 15, regular contributor Dale Potts (who also organizes and emcees Tualatin’s Memorial Day Observance at the Winona Cemetery) writes about his visit to the National WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. There, you’ll find details on Tualatin’s Memorial Day Observance and picnic which follows. Sounds like an appropriate way to spend the day. On page 11, Loyce Martinazzi writes more about the Winona Cemetery and it’s origins.

On a slightly less positive note, as I talk to some of our small businesses, I’m reminded that running a business can be a challenge. These are the people that live, work and play in our communities and are an important part of the local economy. Aside from allowing Tualatin Life to be a viable entity, studies show the economic impact of dollars spent with locally-owned businesses has more than twice the impact of those spent with the national chains. Let’s keep the local economy healthy and support these businesses.

Michael Antonelli – Publisher



  1. Michael, great ‘first’ edition we received today. BTW the blurb you listed about Celebrate Tualatin was incorrect about Larry McClure. He was recognized and won because of the Winona Grange. Here’s that info from the Chamber: “Larry McClure—Larry McClure, a longtime resident of Tualatin, is an active member of the Winona Grange, The
    Tualatin Historical Society and the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce. He has served the Grange in many
    capacities, including as Secretary, and as a member of both the Executive and Building Committees. An avid
    gardener, Larry helped significantly in starting the “Neighbors Nourishing Community’s”. He is also a gourmet
    chef, and whenever he attends a Grange sponsored potluck, he brings a delicious, original dish that he created
    for fellow members to try and enjoy for the first time. One of the things to admire most about Larry is his
    humility. In all of his years of service he has sought no acknowledgment, nor recognition. He has never had an
    ulterior motive whatsoever. Everything he does is because he genuinely wants to make a positive difference in
    the community. For example, he brought the idea to the Grange of Tualatin being considered for the award of
    the America’s Best Community and subsequently made the motion for a donation, which was approved. Larry is
    an excellent team player. Whenever he is asked to do something, he is flexible enough to change on a dime. He
    is also an excellent listener with an uncanny ability to ask good questions that elicit good camaraderie, while
    resolving conflicts and challenges. In addition to his contributions to the Winona Grange, Larry has also
    contributed to Lewis & Clark, Tualatin Historical Association, Neighbors Nourishing Communities, Hill Top
    Community Gardens and the Hilltop Methodist Church! He always brings a positive attitude and community
    pride to Tualatin and consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty in everything he does.”

  2. Michael, I heard the good news yesterday at the Garden Corner about you taking over the Tualatin Life newspaper. Congratulations. Sounds like you have made a great start. I am hoping to see more of your articles posted on the web. I’d love to share some of the great articles with people who live in other areas. It’s been great to see some articles posted but it would be great to see more if not all of the published articles posted on the internet. I hope you will consider that option to spread the news and informative articles and stories outside of the Tualatin area. Thanks.


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