January 2016

Jonathan Crane
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With all of the new chain restaurants coming to town, I thought I’d dedicate a sizable amount of space to feature some of our non-chain restaurants on page 3. When I spent some time in front of Fred Meyer last Saturday asking people their opinion of their favorite locally-owned, non-chain restaurants, most struggled to think of any. Some listed chains, not able to distinguish a locally owned restaurant versus a franchise, chain or corporate entity. I want to fix this. On page 3 you will find a decent display of many of our locally-owned, non-chain restaurants in Tualatin. I will continue this next month and will keep trying to keep local restaurants in the forefront of people’s minds so they might choose to support these eateries, which in turn helps our local economy prosper.

On page 7 you will find the third article I’ve published regarding Jessi Thorne’s fight for her life. She’s battling a cyst in her brain, which is growing by the month, and fighting desperately to secure the funding she needs to afford the incredibly expensive surgery she needs to survive and raise her adorable two-year old son Landon. Our generous community has done amazingly well in contributing to this very local cause, but the battle is far from over. She is scheduled for surgery March 2nd, but it will be postponed if more funding is not secured. Please see her letter describing her situation and how far she has come. I look forward to the day I can run an article about her successful surgery, and how she’s able to resume her life as a healthy Mom, with all of this being a distant memory.

I know local politics makes most people yawn, but I hope you take a moment to read the articulate words of Marissa Houlberg in her opinion piece on page 10. This is the third in a series of articles discussing the ramifications of Tualatin possibly obtaining its drinking water from treated water out of the Willamette River. With the current news story about Flint, Michigan utilizing highly questionable water, it is something we should all be informed about, as this effects all of us. Our City Council is considering future options, including using water from the Willamette, so the time to educate yourself is now, as is forming an opinion and expressing it.

Please support the locally owned businesses who bring you Tualatin Life.

I wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.