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The true origins of Mayday celebrations are lost in the mists of time, but traces of ancient festivals with playful frolicking around a pole, and the worship...

Mayor’s Corner

Tualatin is blessed with tremendous resources supporting our youth and the results in our young citizens are manifold. Within the last month, were several examples of special and...

Living with IBD

I was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2002, after dealing with several months of digestive issues. I thought it was just an intolerance to dairy, but...
Mike Antonelli

November 2016

The Power of Understanding: See the World Through Your Child’s Eyes

Perception is highly personal, made from our life experiences and our temperaments. It’s almost as if each of us goes through life wearing a pair of glasses that alters the world so that we see...

After 26 Years with Tualatin Police Department, Sgt. Larry Clow to Retire

    Sgt. Larry Clow started his career in law enforcement in 1981 with the Clatskanie Police Department. Clatskanie was and still is a small agency in...

From Slum Town to Uptown: Tualatin in the 1990’s

When Tualatin’s first City manager, Yvonne Saarinen Addington was looking to start an Urban Renewal district to help fund the downtown area, she was told “first,...
Free Gardening

Free Gardening

Tualatin Soldier

Tualatin Soldier

Positive thinking and enthusiasm have played a big role in molding recent Tualatin resident Joel Dulashanti’ s life. Critically wounded in an ambush in...

Freedom Tower: A Look Back In Time

It was September 11, 2001, fifteen years ago, when a tragedy of unimaginable destruction struck our country. Terrorist hit the World Trade Center North...
National WWII Memorial

National WWII Memorial

On my last visit to our nation’s capital, in Spring, 2004, I was fortunate to visit the newly completed national World War 11 Memorial....
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Everyday Heroes – Beth Yancey: Teacher For Life

By Jenny Lind Conlee Teachers are superheroes without masks or capes. They give their time. They pour themselves out, teaching all that they know...
Tualatin Patriot Guard Riders

Patriot Guard Riders

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Has Someone Been Dethroned?

Do you remember when you had only your first born child and then decided to have a second child? In your mind, did you envision your children playing nicely together, getting...

Looking for the Owner

BY JONN KARSSEBOOM It was an awkward moment when I first met him because I was busy chit chatting with another dear customer I...

Longtime Tualatin Resident Writes New Book

In April of 1986 longtime Tualatin resident Jeanette Chaffee was on a the last leg of her 15 hour flight from Salem to Athens, just a short...

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