Minimizing Sibling Rivalry and Maximize the Relationship

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In the last two issues of Tualatin Life, my articles have been dedicated to issues with siblings, which we can all relate to unfortunately. Why DO they fight and bicker? A variety of reasons, which include: They might be sick and not feeling well. They might be tired and have no patience. They might be feeling bored and it gives them something to do. They might need to express themselves. They might have too much bottled up physical energy. It simply might be a habit, be it a bad one. They might fight for “the fun of it”! Some people just love to engage in power struggles and conflict. It might just be that the moment is considered LLC, Lousy, Local Conditions. Perhaps your children are hot, hungry, and on a trip. In that case, these are not teachable moments. Cool them off and get them something to eat.